Teenage Engineering TE010AS020A PO-20 Arcade Pocket Operator
Teenage Engineering TE010AS020A PO-20 Arcade Pocket Operator
Manufacturer : Teenage Engineering
Amazon Price : $59.00
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Avg. Customer Rating:4.5 of 5.0
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Product Description
Drenched in 8-bit glitchy goodness, Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operator PO-20 Arcade mini sequencing synthesizer delivers 16 nostalgia-inducing sounds mixed with simple yet powerful songwriting tools. It shares many of the same qualities that have made the Pocket Operator series such a hit among electronic musicians, such as its streamlined workflow that lets you lay down phrases and beats in minutes. The PO-20 Arcade's claim to fame is a powerful chord engine and 128-pattern chaining, which allow you to achieve remarkably sophisticated results fast. And once you've laid down a sequence, you can get even more creative with 16 delightful punch-in effects. On its own or sync'd with other compatible gear, the Pocket Operator PO-20 Arcade puts creative electronic music in the palm of your hand.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1802 in Musical Instruments
  • Size: PO-20
  • Brand: Teenage Engineering
  • Model: TE010AS020A
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .20" h x 3.50" w x 7.00" l,
  • Product Features
  • A minimalist arcade synthesizer module that's perfect for modern tabletop synth rigs
  • Loaded with 16 nostalgia-inducing synthesized arcade-style sounds
  • Create sophisticated arrangements with chord mode and 128-chord chaining
  • Enhance your sounds with 16 punch-in effects such as bit crush, stutter, and delay
  • Create entire songs on the 16-step sequencer with 128 patterns and pattern chaining
  • Customer Reviews

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    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
    5The most fun I've had with a synthesizer
    By Jefferson Lam
    This little guy blurs the line between being a toy and being a "real" instrument, and my time messing around with it has been the most fun I've ever had with a synthesizer.

    All of its sounds are reminiscent of old school video games and arcade machines. You get an 8-bit Mario fireball "bloop" sound, chord stabs, arpeggios, simple percussive sounds, and each sound can be tweaked in its waveform and pitch. As you play with it, you essentially feel like you're creating a scene in a video game, everything moving to the beat of the music. You punch the buttons on this crazy looking computer chip thing, objects on the screen dance to the music, and you're surrounded by crunchy and crisp 8-bit sounds of nostalgia.

    Its physical build quality is exceptional. All the buttons feel very solid and sturdy, and the feedback you get from each button is perfect. You know when you've pressed a button, and you know when you've turned a knob. A weird thing you have to get used to is how naked it is. It's basically a naked computer chip with buttons and a screen on it. Even the batteries underneath it are exposed. None of this is to say it looks flimsy, though. It looks like I can drop it a few times and it'll hold up just fine. Plus, this unique look adds to its personality, and is bound to turn heads.

    Musically speaking, it's not the most powerful synth in the world, and it has many limitations (eg you can't do sustained notes, notes are mostly limited to the chord you set the pattern to, everything is cemented into 16 beat sequences). But in a lot of ways, these limitations allow for even more creativity in the way you use it to make music.

    One unexpected thing is how small it is. I was expecting it to be small, but it's basically the size of my palm, and about the same size as an iPhone 5 (see photo).

    Overall, I love this thing, and I'm sure it's going to be a coffee table piece 24/7 now, so me and anyone else can pick it up and start making some cool beats at the push of a few buttons. This synth is perfect for people who grew up with retro video games, gamers, chiptunes fans, and anyone looking to create some cool old-school video game sounds. Highly recommended!

    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
    5amazing, in every way
    By Aumnsiel
    im a hobbyist/semiprofessional musician that has owned just about every value-priced synth/sequencer/music toy/audio gadget you can get nowadays...i have owned them, and inevitably re-sold them all, losing interest or just not being happy with overall functionality...that being said, this is the most full-featured and easy-to-play musical instrument i have ever owned. for the price paid (even paying full price, which i did not, having gone ding-and-dent from amazon warehouse for 59$ i think? torn package but no damage) i could not have asked for more. its really fun to learn, and even more fun once you get fully accustomed to its interface (or lack thereof?) and controls. Yes, this mainly produces chiptune/video game style sounds, but the tweakability of each sound (along with things like swing/chord/fx) ensures a wide variety within this truly wont be disappointed.

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
    4Nostalgia juice
    By Ashley R.
    This is a great little device complete with all the sounds of nostalgia. Simple to use and write, you can even hook them up to each other. On side note, I wish TE had spent a little more time on the animation (like the Submarine bass edition) could have been something really special.

    Delivery was a week behind.

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