Planet Waves NS Guitar Capo, Black
Planet Waves NS Guitar Capo, Black
Manufacturer : Planet Waves
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Planet Waves NS Guitar Capo, Black

NS Capo on fretboard
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NS Classical Capo on fretboard
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D'Addario/Planet Waves NS Capos

The D'Addario/Planet Waves NS Capo line offers multiple innovative and easy to use options that fit a wide array of instruments and player preferences.

NS Guitar Capo Pro

The NS Capo Pro is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum making it rugged enough to take a beating, but keeping it very lightweight on the fretboard. Equipped with a patented micrometer for tension adjustment, the NS Capo can be dialed in to ensure the proper force is being applied to the neck of the guitar. This feature makes dealing with buzzing notes and tuning issues a thing of the past. The NS Capo Pro is ideal for use on 6 and 12 string electric and acoustic guitars.

NS Guitar Capo Lite

The NS Capo Lite uses a durable molded ABS thermoplastic construction to offer the most lightweight and cost effective choice. Ideal for use on all acoustic and electric 6 string guitars the NS Capo Lite can be adjusted to provide the exact tension need for your guitar. Designed for guitars with radiused fretboards, the NS Capo Lite greatly reduces the need to retune after applying your capo.

NS Classical Guitar Capo

The NS Classical Guitar Capo, the third option within the NS Capo line, takes the design elements of the NS Capo Pro and tailors them to fit the needs of classical guitarists. With a contoured design and a flat radius intended specifically for the wider fretboard found on most classical guitars, the NS Classical Guitar Capo delivers the sleek construction and single handed operation of the NS design.

NS Capo Features
  • Micrometer tension adjustment for buzz-free in-tune performance at every fret
  • Single hand operation
  • NS Capo Pro and Lite designed for acoustic and electric guitars with radiused fretboards
  • NS Classical Guitar Capo designed for classical guitars with zero fretboard radius
  • A patent-pending Ned Steinberger design
Tuned In

The importance of being able to play and stay in tune cannot be understated. With this in mind, the NS Capo design was crafted to allow every player to refine the tension the capo applies to their fretboard. This not only assures buzz-free clarity across all strings, but keeps strings from being pulled sharp by over-tensioning. In the long run this can also benefit the maintenance of your fretboard and save on upkeep.

Capo Comparison Chart
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NS Capo Pro, Black
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NS Capo Pro, Silver
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NS Classical Guitar Capo
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NS Capo Lite
For use on a 6 string guitar
For use on a 12 string guitar
Made of aircraft grade aluminum
Made of molded ABS thermoplastic
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1616 in Musical Instruments
  • Size: Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Planet Waves
  • Model: PW-CP-02
  • Published on: 2009-01-12
  • Released on: 2009-01-12
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 10.00" h x 14.00" w x 6.00" l, .9 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Designed for acoustic and electric guitars with radiused fretboards
  • Micrometer tension adjustment assures buzz-free in-tune performance at every fret
  • Single hand operation
  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • Works for 6 or 12 string acoustic and electric guitars; also available in a classical guitar version
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Very pretty, very functional
    By wild animals
    This is a gorgeous piece of metal. I have, like, five capos of different styles and for different guitar necks, and this is the only one that is PRETTY! The bronze color is gorgeous and looks perfect with the blonde guitar it's on now.

    This capo fits my acoustic, my tele-style electric AND my classical Yamaha Flamenco. D'Addario makes a classical capo in the same line, but because of the open design of this version, it works on my classical!(!!) even though it's not meant to. I'm not sure if there's a limit to how high up you can go, but I played with the capo on the fifth fret and the notes were clear without any buzzing. It's so nice to have one capo that can fit so many different styles of guitar. None of my other acoustic/electric capos fit the classical. Now I have a backup for when I can't find the classical capo (like right now).

    I have the Planet Waves NS Classical Capo (not the Pro) and it works just like this does. You lower the capo over the appropriate fret and twist the knob until it's tight enough for the strings to ring clearly. I have a spring-loaded capo with two little bars that stick out, and you pinch them together to open the capo and move it, which is a lot easier to use (totally one-handed), but the pressure isn't adjustable and the angle of the force tends to bend the strings, which puts the guitar out of tune. The NS capos aren't one-handed for me, even though they claim that they are, but they also don't reef on my guitars and strings, so that makes up for it.

    Be careful with the little knob when the capo isn't on your guitar--if it is twisted open far enough it will fall off. Also since this style of capo doesn't pinch shut onto your guitar, you can't clamp it onto the headstock when you aren't using it. (That's why I can't find two of mine.)

    These capos are durable, versatile and attractive. You might look at the other Planet Waves NS capo line (not the Pro) if your budget is lower and you don't need Pro finish levels.

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    4Screw Action Capo: Adjustable, Functional, Slow-Changing
    By Bhavna Patel
    This is my review of the NS Capo Pro (not lite). I have not tried the lite version, but have been advised by trustworthy third parties to pony up the extra $4. If you have a classical or flamenco guitar, get the classical version of course, because classical guitars have flat fingerboards, opposed to acoustics with radiused (slightly curved).
    I would definitely recommend this product to anybody in the market for a capo. However, this is not the fastest changing one that exists. For that, I would recommend looking into the hinge (this is screw) capos such as the Kyser capo. If you need a quick change, save yourself the time and look elsewhere.
    But, if that does not affect your decision, this is one of the better performing options on the market. It is fairly small, and does not get in the way of your hand while navigating the fingerboard as much as other ones. It should fit most, if not all guitars (but version still matters). It keeps the guitar well in tune, as long as you place it on straight without pushing the strings right or left. For best results, unscrew more before placing it on. It takes slightly longer, but is worth the time.
    One of the many plus-sides to this capo is its ability to be tightened or loosened with the screw. This was a major selling point for me, as this can go from silencing strings (halfway depressed), to changing the key (fully tightened). This also throws the instrument less out of whack tuning-wise.
    The product is properly padded in the right places, and will not damage your guitar's finish or strings.

    I docked a star because the images look more semi-gloss gunmetal than the high gloss black that it really is. Not a big deal, but I would have preferred the lighter finish.
    Also, the capo cannot be mounted on the headstock. However, there is a sort-of loophole. Mount it so that it encompasses the back of the tuner. I don't notice any negative effects due to this, except for it being not fun to do. If I am wrong, please leave a reply :)
    As I mentioned earlier, this is not the quickest changing capo on the market. This was not a concern of mine, so I did not let it affect my purchase. Tip: for quickest changes, loosen just enough so that the capo slides down the headstock, but does not let go. Slide to desired position. Tighten just enough, but not more than necessary.

    All in all, this is a great product that I would definitely recommend. With its few drawbacks come double the amount in positives.

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
    3Very good capo--except when they get stuck in the closed position
    By worldblee
    I initially gave this capo 4 stars (I own several and have used them for a few years) but I lowered it to 3 stars after one unit starting getting locked in the closed position. After having to pry it off a very expensive guitar (no damage fortunately) I don't trust them anymore. When not on a guitar, the capo will open and close normally. But once on with just enough pressure to stop the strings from buzzing (i.e., the correctly adjusted position) it now mostly gets stuck so I have to give up on it. A quick search showed I'm not the only one to have this issue--not sure what the mechanical problem is or if it can be fixed once it starts but for now I'm switching to my D'Addario/Planet Waves Artist capo ( as it shares the adjustable tension feature along with one-hand usage and has never locked up on me.

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