Stage Rocker Powered by Hamilton SR610121B Lo-Profile Mic Boom Stand - Black
Stage Rocker Powered by Hamilton SR610121B Lo-Profile Mic Boom Stand - Black
Manufacturer : Stage Rocker
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Product Description
Black powder coated tripod base table top, kick drum or general use low profile mic stand. Boom is 15 3/4" long and the stand adjusts from 11 3/4" to 17 3/4".
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #3353 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Stage Rocker
  • Model: SR610121B
  • Published on: 2012-07-23
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 18.90" h x 3.50" w x 3.50" l,
  • Product Features
  • Made exclusively for Amazon by Hamilton
  • T-handle adjustment for secure boom positioning
  • Metal threads for mounting mic
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    2Pathetic excuse for pro stage gear, but useful with some modification
    By Brian C
    I just needed something in a pinch to mic a guitar amp on a tiltback stand. Quick summary after using it for two gigs:

    PROS: Its black, its low cost, it folds up small

    CONS: Its very low, its unstable with anything heavier than an SM57. Unuseable without modification

    This is the lowest cost short boom mic stand I could find, so my expectations were not very high to begin with. At first, it seemed well-built enough, but after hanging an SM57 on it, I realized that the male threaded insert that is crimped into the boom arm was spinning, and I could not maintain the angle of the mic. A strip of duct tape fixed it temporarily, but this wasted valuable sound check time. I also noticed that fully extended, this stand is barely capable of reaching high enough to mic a 50w guitar combo on a tiltback stand. At this height, it was also very top heavy. A larger heavier mic (such as a 52) would have tipped it over.

    When I got it home, I fixed it once and for all by cross-drilling the insert and boom tube, pinning it with a screw, and peening that in place with a hammer. It's solid now, but they could have done this using a cheap roll pin in the first place.

    The build quality is what I expected for a sub-$30 stand, and it's adequate for casual use but I would not recommend this for extended use on the road.

    The other modification I did to it was to fill the legs with sand (insert a piece of wine cork, shove into leg, pour in sand, glue on rubber tip). In my opinoin this MUST be done if you intend to hang a kick drum mic on this stand, and should be done even it you are using it with a lightweight mic.

    If it weren't for the loose insert, I would have rated this four stars, as it is a decent value and gets the job done at an OK price point.

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    4A great consumer stand!
    By Anthony Lopez
    A good stand! I appreciate how lightweight it is and it's small size - perfect for micing kick drums, guitar amps, or top/bottom snare.

    It's not an incredibly sturdy stand, but it's not poorly built. The angle mechanism is well built with the standard rubber grips, but I'm not fond of the arm length adjustment mechanism - it's a standard round-grip screw that you have to over-tighten for heavier mics. It works well for your standard 57/58 or 421, or even some smaller LDCs, but I've noticed it droop when a RE-20 or mid-sized LDC is attached to it.

    Overall, happy with this $16 purchase! Very much worth the price.

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    4Good little stand
    By Dana Kesner (J&D Productions)
    Good little stand, but its just that little.

    I bought them to mic guitar cabinets, but ended up using them to mic the Kick drum and HiHats because they tuck so nice into the set.

    Good quality for the price, actually are holding up just as good as my more expensive stands.

    Overall for the money you can't go wrong, but just know the stand is small compared to the regular short boom stands out there,

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