CablesOnline 6 inch Stereo Splitter 3.5mm Female to 2-RCA Audio -Jack Adapter (AV-Y14G)
CablesOnline 6 inch Stereo Splitter 3.5mm Female to 2-RCA Audio -Jack Adapter (AV-Y14G)
Manufacturer : CablesOnline
Amazon Price : $7.98
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Avg. Customer Rating:4.5 of 5.0
Product Description

6 inch Stereo Splitter 3.5mm Female to 2-RCA Audio -Jack Adapter

This cable adapter allows you to plug a separate 3.5mm cable into this adapter and then connect to the left and right RCA auxiliary inputs on your sound system.


* (1) Stereo 3.5mm female jack
* (2) RCA female jacks
* Great for connecting to portable media device, laptop or other audio source
* Gold Plated contacts for corrosion resistance and reliable connectivity.
* Molded red and white color coded connectors.
* Length: 6 inches

CablesOnline Part Number : AV-Y14G
Product Details
  • Color: Red
  • Brand: CablesOnline
  • Model: AV-Y14G
  • Dimensions: .20" h x 2.10" w x 6.00" l,
  • Product Features
  • 3.5 mm (1.8") Female to Dual RCA Female Audio Splitter
  • Fully molded and shielded
  • Gold plated connectors ensuring solid quality connection between connected devices
  • Color: Black ; Length: 6 inches
  • CablesOnline Part Number: AV-Y14G
  • Customer Reviews

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    5A much simpler, cheaper solution for my PS3
    By Paulina
    I bought a PS3, and I was absolutely ecstatic to start playing the games I bought for it. I have an extra monitor that I use for my laptop and schoolwork, but since it has an HDMI port, I've been using it for my PS3. The problem is that my monitor doesn't have any audio output. This is fine for my laptop, since audio just outputs through my laptop's speakers, but I needed a different solution for my PS3.

    Since the PS3 is bluetooth enabled, my first thought was to buy bluetooth headphones. And my god, bluetooth headphones can be crazy expensive. I bought a few cheap ones, but they cut out all the time and sometimes had delayed audio; they were just crappy in general. The headphones I use came pre-packaged with my iPod, and I'm perfectly happy with them. So, I thought, why can't I just hook up wired headphones to my PS3? That's what this cable allows me to do.

    My current setup is using both the HDMI and RCA cable, by assigning video to HDMI and audio to RCA within the PS3's settings.

    - Compatible with any 3.5mm audio jack, which is standard for most audio equipment (headphones, speakers, etc).
    - Allows me to hook up my PS3 to an audio-output-lacking monitor.
    - I don't disturb my roommates with my video games.

    - Super short cable. the only reason this isn't a problem for me, is my PS3 is on my desk with my monitor, so I don't extra cable length. If you're hooking this up to your PS3, and you want to sit far away from where your PS3 is setup, you're going to need a longer version of this cable or an additional cable to extend it.

    TL;DR - Bought it for my PS3. I can use the RCA to output audio, while still using the HDMI for video output. Couldn't be happier.

    6 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
    By Jonathan Campbell
    Using it to get sound for my PS3 with speakers while its hooked up to a speaker-less monitor with a HDMI cord, has performed as advertised, got the product in a timely manner, no problems.

    0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
    3It is shaped like itself.
    By Joshua Boguiren
    It's a cable. It cables stuff. Through cables.

    Something of a design flaw is that the audio jack does not lock with most (read: none) cables. When inserted, audio comes through just fine, but because there's no lock the cables are prone to sliding out. I had to velcro my cables together to ensure they don't come out.

    I'm not sure if they're all like this, and while I'm happy that it actually works, I'm still miffed that it's not what I was expecting.

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