SUPERNIGHT 16.4ft 5M Waterproof Flexible Strip 300leds Color Changing RGB SMD3528 LED Light Strip Kit RGB 5M +44Key Remote+12V 3A Power Supply
SUPERNIGHT 16.4ft 5M Waterproof Flexible Strip 300leds Color Changing RGB SMD3528 LED Light Strip Kit RGB 5M +44Key Remote+12V 3A Power Supply
Manufacturer : SUPERNIGHT
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Product Description
Function: 3528SMD 16.4ft RGB Waterproof strip
Strip Length: 5 M
Type: 3528 SMD RGB LED
Quantity: 300 LEDs
Color: RGB. Multicoloured, like red, green, blue, yellow, etc.
Power: 36W
Input Voltage: DC 12V
Working Current/meter:0.6A
Waterproof level: Waterproof
Working Temperature: -20-50 Degrees Celsiusv
Size: 500cm x 1.2cm x 0.25cm
Remote Control: With a Remote control to control the light.
Remote Control Battery: CR2025 Lithium battery (included)

Package including:
1 x Waterproof 5M RGB 300LED Flexible LED Strip
1 x 44Key IR Controller(with battery)
1 x IR Controller box
1 x 12V 3A Power adapter supply Dc tip:5.5x2.1mm

Wide Applications:
1.Light uping for hotels decoration use,Theaters,Clubs,Shopping Malls,Automobile & Airplane model decoration,contour lighting, Border, Festivals and performances
2.Widely used for Architectural decorative lighting,Archway,canopy and bridge edge lighting,Security lighting and Emergency lighting

Tips:Under the W mode the strip will lit like Red Green and Blue, different from 5050LED which will lit like cold white, there's no white mode for the 3528 LED.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #4124 in Musical Instruments
  • Color: Multi-colored
  • Model: SUP-7985
  • Product Features
  • Easy Installation. Plug and play without wiring.
  • Safe to use. The working voltage is 12V. extremely low heat. It is touchable and safe to children.
  • It can be cut every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks, without damaging the rest strips.
  • Flexible operations. Slim, compact and flexible PCB strip. Mount end-to-end for bendable or angled patterns, or in continuous rows.
  • Reduce re-lamp frequency. Lifespan is over 50000 hrs. Save effort and maintenance costs on changing lights frequently.
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    5Guest always comment positively and love scrolling through the different colors
    By kevin
    Unbeatable value for LED lights. Used them around a 110 inch screen , under the seating, and for the equipment rack in my home theater room. I have them setup to automatically turn on when I hit the pause button, and back off when I un pause. Guest always comment positively and love scrolling through the different colors. They are also VERY bright, and I probably run them at about 20-30 max brightness, otherwise the ENTIRE room gets lit up.

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    5An incredible value
    By Amazon Customer
    The sticky tape says 3M but like everyone else is saying, it's worthless and is a knock-off. It sticks for about 5 minutes then falls down and never goes back up more than a few seconds.

    Not a big issue... I hot glued it under my kitchen cabinet with about 20 cents in hot glue, just had to peal the sticky tape off first which was annoying, they should not include the sticky tape in the first place; it is kind of pointless. I used a 60 watt hot glue gun in direct contact with the strip and there were no burn marks or discoloration or any warping even though the strip got really hot from the glue.

    I submerged it in about a foot of water in my kitchen sink (connector too; but be careful, it's hard to get it to snap water-tight) and bent and twisted it and it continued to work, it's coated in a semi-soft gel, and looks like it was poured on hot at the factory and cooled in a great bond. Twisting and bending does not crack or modify the gel, and heating up the strip with the hot glue produced no cracks or seams, it keeps tightly and completely bonded to the strip. This thing is 100% water proof.

    The "White" button color is actually tinted blue, you don't notice it at first but when cooking, it makes fruit oranges look red, and you can't rely on the color of meat, breading, etc. in the default "white" light. I bought more than one and they were both like this; I assume they think blueish light looks more "white" (it does make white cloth look whiter) and configured it that way. Fortunately, they also let you make custom colors, so I just added red, green and blue equally until all my food looked correct and it's fine, although you CANNOT dim custom colors with the included controller, which slightly stinks.

    The controller lets you select from 20 stock colors (although pinks/peaches and white are tinted slightly blue), and lets you make 6 of your own colors; you push a DIY button once to select it, then push the Red/Green/Blue up/down keys until you see the color you like and that's it; it's saved as you change it, and it's saved in the controller itself, not the remote, so you can replace your remote and your colors will remain.

    It also lets you cycle through 6 different blinking/fading patterns, and lets you adjust the speed of any pattern by pushing "slow" or "fast" multiple times to get different timings (can cycle colors as fast as about 30/second and as slow as about 1 every 2 seconds).

    It also lets you dim or brighten any of the stock 20 colors, but not custom colors. Dimmest setting is a night light, around 25 lumens and using around 3 watts of power or 8 lumens/watt with the included adapter, brightest setting produces about 2100 real lumens (I used a lux meter) and consumed 35 watts (I used a watt meter), or 60 lumens/watt.

    The average I have seen is 100 lumens per watt for LED light, so in exchange for RGB colors and a controller, you are getting about 60 lumens per watt at the highest brightness setting. I am guessing the power adapter is pretty poor, as it heats up quite a bit and looses efficiency at bright settings.

    Also keep in mind "5050" is not a part number but only used to describe the size of the LED package, so 1 "5050" LED may not be as bright as another "5050" LED, they may consume different amounts of power and be made by different manufacturers, however, they will take up the same space.

    This is perfect for under cabinets; 1 strip will give you 140 lumens per linear foot, although a lighting expert will tell you that you should have about 200 per linear foot, so doubling back at 7.5 feet will brighten up that area twice as much and put you over the recommendation of 200 by giving you 280. Some people online wanted as much as 400 per foot, but in my opinion, your metal objects like knives, toasters and forks will reflect the light into your eyes and bother you in real-world usage above 300 lumens per foot.

    Most under-cabinet lighting is designed to be in the 170-230 lumens per foot range if installed as recommended, so using a single strip puts you slightly outside that range.

    This strip uses less electricity than florescent and is completely instant; you press the button and immediately the lights go on, and the controller and remote allow for some great color combinations.

    The strip is controlled with 4 wires; Red, Green, Blue and Ground. There are plans online to hook these things up to an arduino with a motion sensor for kitchen cabinets. I can confirm this strip works with these plans, and when controlled with an arduino, there is no blue bias that the stock controller gives you; it's perfect, so the included controller is a little poor but still a great deal for including it with a remote and power supply for this price ($30).

    If you plan on just hooking up a 12v infrared sensor with a relay, you will be happy to know that the controller has been designed to display the last-selected color when turning on; so if you want bright white, you got it, if you want it to turn on dim, you got it, if you want a custom color, it will restore that too. No need to reach for the remote when you hook it up to a motion sensor. This is not the case with another strip I bought, so glad to know this. The included power supply has enough juice left over to power another LED strip, controller, and at least 3 infrared sensors too, so you wont have to provide alternate power if you're thinking of hooking up sensors or another strip either.

    If you are concerned about energy savings, you should replace the power adapter because it looses about 40% efficiency at full brightness; it's poor but it's not terrible.

    I would recommend this kit and will buy it again.

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    5I use it on the camper, works very well ...
    By Josh Williams
    I use it on the camper, works very well. I did put some heavy duty 3M on the ends just for my worry. 80MPH down interstate and still holds well. I would advise to get at least 15ft of extra wire to place the controller under camper out of the rain. I would also use liquid electrical tape for the joints. The pic is with the awning closed, open it gives off even more. With remote you can dim as needed.

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