Grip Studios Metal Mayhem Custom Guitar Grip
Grip Studios Metal Mayhem Custom Guitar Grip
Manufacturer : Grip Studios
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Product Description
The Metal Mayhem Guitar Grip is a leap above your standard wall hanger! The Grip Studios Custom guitar hangers are the newest and boldest way to show off your favorite axe! Each custom hanger is built tough and steel reinforced to hold your guitar securely. This exciting new hanger is available in 6 different designs and high gloss finishes to fit your style.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #8963 in Musical Instruments
  • Color: Metallic
  • Brand: Grip Studios
  • Model: LHGH101
  • Published on: 2010-06-25
  • Released on: 2010-06-25
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 8.00" h x 12.00" w x 12.00" l, 1.32 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Custom Metal Design
  • High Gloss Metallic Finish
  • Strong and Durable enough to hold the weight of any Guitar or Bass
  • TAH3 Cushion Insert protects the neck and headstock of your instrument
  • Easy to Install with adjustable mounting for different shaped headstocks
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Others I have are built a little better, can handle a little more weight
    By Shabbadoo
    I have several types of wall mounted guitar holders, they also all serve different purposes. Some are very light (cheap) and I prefer to only use them for lighter guitars, mainly acoustics. Others I have are built a little better, can handle a little more weight, and can hold everything from acoustics to heavier electric basses. The Grip Studios Metal Mayhem Custom Guitar Grip on the other hand (no pun intended) I use for holding my main ax. It's the one I use the most and therefore, put on and take off the wall, the most. So, therefore, it sees (and feels) the most traffic.

    Now, any wall mounted guitar holder is only as good as how well it is mounted. No matter how good the holder is, if it's held on with drywall screws, it's going to fail. Even screw anchors and toggle bolts can be suspect depending on how the walls are constructed. But the Grip Studios Metal Mayhem Custom Guitar Grip specifically instructs you to mount the screw in a stud. Once it's in, it's in. And your guitar is gonna stay safely in it's grip until you reach for it. Also, if you have an asymmetrical headstock on your guitar, like a Fender, because the Grip Studios Metal Mayhem Custom Guitar Grip is mounted with a single bolt, you can turn it slightly to accommodate it.

    So, the Grip Studios Metal Mayhem Custom Guitar Grip itself is super solid. It feels like it's made of a heavy duty resin. Where the guitar rests in the hand's grip, there is a rubber (silicone) pad to protect the guitar neck. I'm going to drape a little cloth to keep the silicone from touching my neck, but I think I'm just being OCD.

    There are many reasons to check these out. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles (Monster hands!!) They also come in lefty and righty.

    As a musician and design geek, I highly recommend this quality product, handmade in Detroit, MI

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    4Great, but with a warning.
    By korrynne
    These hands look amazing on the wall, the detail is incredible. Everyone who sees them wants them. We bought four, have had them about a week, and they work great with Gibson headstocks, and larger Fender headstocks like my husband's Jaguar, but my Stratocaster has to be placed very carefully and perfectly or it will slip off (learned this the hard way unfortunately). I love these hands, but I wouldn't recommend them for a guitar with a small, all tuners on one side headstock, and especially not if it gets a lot of use.

    EDIT 1/30/15: My right-handed guitar did not fit securely in the left-handed grip - even with very careful placement, it fell out and got pretty banged up. I looked up the info after reading Tony's comment below, and mine is a limited edition stratocaster with an early 60s style headstock, it is a thinner headstock than typical with a less pronounced curve out on the right side, which is surely why it doesn't fit as intended. While I would highly recommend this item - we've been using the other 3 hands for almost 3 years now and still love them, and, as Tony said, they work great for most strat's - I would still warn owners of smaller-than-usual 6-in-line headstocks to use caution (common sense: if it doesn't seem to fit securely, don't leave it hanging there), because looking cool on the wall doesn't make up for the potential damage to your instrument.

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    By Blake
    I bought this item a while ago in anticipation of remodeling my game room and hanging a guitar from my brother (his first ever from his band) on the wall. We are now finally done with the remodel and I pulled it out of the box only to find that it came with absolutely NO hardware. We thought it looked like an open item when it arrived, but never thought about it or checked it. Now that it's been a while it's IMPOSSIBLE to contact the seller and resolve the matter. I guess if you order something for later use you had better check that everything is in the box before putting it away. I have a hand with a bunch of holes in the back and nothing else as well as an empty spot on the wall now. Total dissatisfaction.

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