Casio Privia PX160BK 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano
Casio Privia PX160BK 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano
Manufacturer : Casio
Amazon Price : $499.00
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Product Description
Launching into multi-dimensional AiR sound generation becomes a pleasure with the new PX-160. The pure functions produced by the digital piano make its 18 authentic piano tones sound even better to the ear: Thanks to the new speaker system (2 x 8 watts) for maximum hearing pleasure when playing alone at home and the new line-out slot for simple connection to external loudspeakers (on stage, in a practice room or at home).
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1995 in Musical Instruments
  • Size: large
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Casio
  • Model: PX160BK
  • Published on: 2015-07-01
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.55" h x 52.05" w x 11.53" l, 24.47 pounds
  • Display size: 5
  • Product Features
  • Thanks to the new speaker system (2 x 8 watts) for maximum hearing pleasure when playing alone at home and the new line-out slot for simple connection to external loudspeakers (on stage, in a practice room or at home)
  • The pure functions produced by the digital piano make its 18 authentic piano tones sound even better to the ear
  • Launching into multi-dimensional AiR sound generation becomes a pleasure with the new PX-160
  • 3 year manufacturer extended warranty
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    4Great Keyboard for the Price
    By timmy84
    Overall: I would give this 4.5 stars if I could. The PX160 is not perfect, but it is a solid keyboard, especially at a sub-$500 price point for intermediate/hobbyist players like me. It excels in sound quality, key weighting, and size/portability. But there are a few minor drawbacks, which are explained below. I was debating between this and the Yamaha P105, but I am glad I went with the Casio and (at least at this point) would buy again.

    My background/skill level: I took lessons for about 10 years growing up and have continued to play intermittently for enjoyment/relaxation since then. I would say my skill level is intermediate to advanced, but I am lazy so I mostly stick to music I can sight read. I don't really perform. I grew up playing a Baldwin baby grand and a mid-90s Roland electric, so I am not accustomed to top-of-the-line acoustics and do not expect Steinway sound from a portable digital keyboard.


    Sound (4.5/5): I think the sound quality is terrific for a digital. There are 5 grand piano voices that differ enough to make them distinguishable, but all sound great whether playing through the speakers or through headphones. The other voices (strings, vibraphone, electric, organ, etc.) are nice but for my purposes a feature that won't get used much (if at all), with the exception of occasional layering (discussed below). I wouldn't be able to confuse this with a Steinway or other quality acoustic piano, but I do think it has its own impressive quality that does not make me think cheap digital piano either. It is MUCH cleaner, clearer, and more accurate than the Roland I grew up with which cost (at the time) substantially more. There are youtube demonstrations (which I would recommend watching) that demonstrate the sound quality, and I have found that those demonstrations capture the sound accurately.

    Layering (4/5): A feature of the piano is the ability to layer two voices (essentially hear both selected voices each time you strike a key). There are some pieces where this makes a really cool effect, such as a soundtrack piece with light strings layered behind a grand piano. Honestly more of a gimmick than a feature, but I thought it was interesting.

    Selection (4/5): The five grand piano voices are really nice to have. I didn't think there would be much difference, and admittedly the differences are subtle, but all of them are unique and well suited to different types of songs. Some voices are more muted, others more striking. Really pleasantly surprised. As noted, I don't put much stock in the other voices (organ, vibraphone, harpsichord, etc.), but they are available and high quality if that interests you.

    Key Weight (4.5/5): For such a lightweight, portable keyboard, the keys have terrific action. There is the slightest bit of cushion that doesn't snap the keys back quite like an acoustic would, but the travel and resistance when playing is pretty close to the real deal. Feels better than many older acoustics (especially stand ups) that I've played in the past. The lack of crispness is the only real drawback, but it doesn't affect my play at all.

    Size (4.5/5): It's narrower than I expected (which is a good thing). The dimensions on the product page say it's 57 inches wide. That is the shipping dimension. The actual keyboard is 52 inches wide, 11 inches front to back, and 5 inches tall at the back (not including the height of the music stand). It's light enough to move easily but substantial enough to feel steady. I do wish it was about 5 pounds heavier so it would feel more secure on my X-style keyboard stand, but that is a minor qualm.

    Simplicity (4.5/5): Easy to plug and play right out of the box. The functions are basic but intuitive. There are some dedicated buttons for certain voices, recording, volume, power, etc., but most of the functions require you to press a labeled piano key while holding the "function" key. Because my use is fairly straightforward (I just want to play piano music), this is a huge plus for me. I wouldn't want a ton of buttons cluttering up the panel.


    Key Texture (3/5): I know this is supposed to be a selling point (they are supposed to feel like ebony and ivory), but I don't think they quite get there, and the result falls awkwardly somewhere between the smooth plastic of a digital keyboard and the feel of real acoustic keys. Honestly I would have preferred the traditional smooth keys of a digital keyboard than a fake option that only gets 80% of the way to the real thing. But that's a matter of personal preference.

    Key Sensitivity at Speed (2/5): I play a number of pieces that require rapid repetition of individual keys. I noticed when trying to play those pieces that the individual key couldn't be played fast enough and still register distinct notes. Above a certain rate, the piano wouldn't register the next stroke and would not play the note. This shouldn't be confused with playing an arpeggio or scale rapidly (because you are moving quickly from one key to another). My point relates to playing the same key in rapid succession (which is probably a rare requirement). I haven't seen a problem with playing scales or arpeggios rapidly.

    Low Quality Sustain Pedal (1.5/5): I have already ordered a new sustain pedal. The one that comes in the box is not piano style, and it is squishy and unreliable. It functions to an extent, but I got frustrated very quickly with it.

    Casio Quality Reputation (2/5): This may be overly harsh of me, but I am very nervous about the reliability of the piano based on Casio's reputation and a number of reviews I've read here and on other sites about earlier models of Casio keyboards (including the PX150). Out of the box the piano is working great, but I will always have in the back of my mind a concern about the software shorting out or the tuning deteriorating or individual keys dying. Whether that is justified or not remains to be seen, but it is certainly something I think about and was the biggest hurdle for me when mulling the purchase. There is a limited 2-3 year warranty, which is helpful. I hope I don't need to come back with an edit in 6 months or a year.

    All in all, I am very happy with the piano and would recommend it to others.

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    5Better then the Yamaha P105 and P115, great feeling and sound in comparison.
    By Billy R
    It was a choice between this keyboard and the Yamaha P105/P115. They are all pretty similar but this one won with a few details the Yamahas are lacking. I went into my local music store and went back and forth testing them all.

    This unit has a nicer feeling to it when you hit the keys. The weight and pressure of the keys along with the wood texture really make this keyboard feel like you are tickling some real ivories. Not only that, but this keyboard sounds more natural to me. I like that you get several different piano samples (more then with the Yamaha). And each of them have a more realistic sound then the Yamaha. It's weird because I thought hey Yamaha makes quality pianos, so it should have sounded better... but that wasn't the case. Obviously sound is subjective but I've been playing grand pianos for recitals, church, schools and I'm very happy having this keyboard as my backup to play on until I can have a place big enough for a real piano.

    Until that point I'm very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend to anyone interested in having a quality keyboard to play on.

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    5Wonderful Full-Size Keyboard in the "Under-$1,000" Category.
    By Steve Gabany
    I bought this keyboard to learn to play the piano. I wanted the full keyboard, an action that mimics a mechanical piano -- that is, the harder you press the key, the louder the sound -- and a good "sustain" -- how long the sound lasts, similar to the vibration of strings. Because I never expect to pay professionally or in a band, I was not interested in a lot of "effects," say, making it sound like a gazillion different instruments. I studied a considerable number of reviews, and narrowed my choices down to two instruments before I settled on the Casio. I couldn't be happier. It sounds, feels, and functions like a "real" piano, but takes up less space!

    If you're looking for an electronic keyboard, I can recommend the Casio Privia PX160 without reservations. BTW, I was already to buy one of the "packages," where you get the keyboard, stand, bench, and sometimes a sustain pedal. Then I thought I should put in some time checking the reviews on these accessories, given how much time I had spent researching the keyboard. GLAD I DID! There isn't anything necessarily "wrong" with the stand, etc., but I found I could do a lot better for not a lot more money. For example, the "X" stand limits how close you can sit to the keyboard. Not something I would have thought of on my own. I bought the accessories individually, and am very happy with everything I got.

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