Casio Inc. WK245 76-Key Touch Sensitive Keyboard Value Bundle with Power Supply, Casio Stand, and Casio Sustain Pedal
Casio Inc. WK245 76-Key Touch Sensitive Keyboard Value Bundle with Power Supply, Casio Stand, and Casio Sustain Pedal
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  • Casio Inc. WK245 76-Key Touch Sensitive Keyboard with Power Supply
  • Casio ARST Single X Keyboard Stand
  • Casio SP20 Piano Style Sustain Pedal
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    5The working man's Steinway
    By Military mom shopper
    I bought this for my husband's birthday recently and it does feel like a real piano and trust me I have played around on a Steinway in many places. Now it won't give you the Steinway sound but boy does it come close to a grand piano. Don't listen to the music snobs about this one. It's a good deal, get it.

    31 of 34 people found the following review helpful.
    5You will have to look a long time to find a better Keyboard for the Price.
    By Amazon Customer
    I like this keyboard. I have played in bands and on my own for some time. I wanted to try this one, because I use MIDI a lot and wanted to try a keyboard that used a USB cable instead of a MIDI cable and adapters for my computer. The selection of voices and rhythms is quite nice, as well as the built in songs. It has an instructional program for students build in, which, while I won't use it, looks quite comprehensive and usable. The feel of the keyboard is very nice which touch response and a solid weighted keyboard feel, almost. The best feel of any keyboard I have used that is not a weighted keyboard. The headphones are ok, and would be great for someone who needs to keep the noise down, but I don't, so I will use the headphones elsewhere. I will say that the sound from the keyboard is better through the headphones then from the speakers. I have several Yamaha keyboards with onboard speakers that sound much better, especially in the bass range, than the speakers in this Casio, The sound is very good if you run it through an amp, so the sound is there, but the speakers are just a little under par. The average person would probably not notice any problem at all. I am just a little picky after all these years with the sound I get. The stand is pretty standard. I wish it could be adjusted a little lower. I have seen reviews that wish the keyboard attached to the stand somehow. This is just the way they are made now. If you need the keyboard attached, there are may ways to do it, including the band roady's favorite, duct tape. All and all, for the features, 76 keys, and ease of use, I would buy this keyboard again if something happens to this one.

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    4Realistic sounds, great feel, but very complicated to learn
    By K. J. M.
    So much, almost too much, to learn, but that's not a bad thing! The 100+ page manual is complicated as heck and I've resorted to re-writing parts of it in ways that make more sense while applying it to the keyboard. The sounds are amazing, the feel is perfect for me, although I'm not familiar enough with a real piano to properly compare in that way. I haven't played keyboard in decades, so this is a re-learning experience for me. My only complaint so far is that some of the guitar instruments lose at least half their volume beginning at the octave above middle C. It mostly falls off from the G above that, and onwards. I more recently played guitar, and those notes are not uncommonly played on a guitar, so it's disappointing to lose them on this keyboard. The 12-string guitar is most noticeable, and since I have some favorite pieces that I used to play on 12-string, this bothers me greatly. Again, the manual might have a cure for this problem, but wading through it takes time, so I haven't found it yet. Also, some of the instruments lack bass, even through earphones or through an amplifier with good speakers. The harpsichords, for example, are very tinny. That, too, is most likely adjustable, which I'll eventually figure out from the manual. A person needs to be able to devote a TON of time to really understand this machine.

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