Yamaha FG JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar with Gig Bag, Picks, Strings, and Tuner
Yamaha FG JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar with Gig Bag, Picks, Strings, and Tuner
Manufacturer : Yamaha
Amazon Price : $134.99
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #40731 in Musical Instruments
  • Size: Value Pack
  • Color: Natural
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Product Features
  • Yamaha FG JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar with Gig Bag
  • D'Addario Assorted Pearl Celluloid Guitar Picks, 10 Pack, Medium
  • Snark SN-5 Tuner for Guitar, Bass and Violin
  • D'Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light, 12-53
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    4Great value in a 3/4 Scale guitar, but it's really smaller than 3/4 Scale
    By Chris Upton
    After watching someone play a Little Martin, I got a jonesing for a small, portable guitar. I went into my local guitar center and checked out the options. To be honest, I'd rather have the Little Martin..of course. But I got this used for $100, so I figured I'd try this first and see if I like the 3/4 scale. I've owned this guitar for a week now. I also own 3 other guitars, one of which is a Full size Yamaha FG-335. I'm not a finger picker, so unfortunately I can't comment on that aspect of the JR2. Let me jump into the pro's and con's:

    1. Size and portability. This thing is super fun to pick up and play. It's so compact that you can play it anywhere. If you've ever wanted to play the guitar on the toilet, congratulations!
    2. Tone is obviously not going to sound like a full size, but this guitar sounds pretty good compared to other 3/4 scale guitars...especially considering the lower price point. The low E string is where the biggest difference comes in.
    3. Stays in tune. These smaller guitars have a harder time staying in tune.
    4. Nice look. I love the color. The tobacco color is a little darker than in the stock pic. I have posted my own pics below.
    5. Great for smaller hands or kids. I can definitely change chords faster on this because you have less space to cover.
    6. Nice gig bag thrown in. Won't give much protection but at least it's covered. Also has multiple pockets.
    7. Nice action on this guitar!
    8. Adjustable Truss Rod and Guitar Strap buttons

    1. Again..Size. This is probably the smallest 3/4 scale guitar. In fact, it's definitely less than 3/4 scale. I actually didn't realize how small it was until I got it home and sat it next to my full size Yamaha. It's a decent amount smaller than the Little Martin, Baby Taylor, or GS Mini. If those seem like the smallest you'd want to go, this is probably not going to work for you. I'm hoping my son, now 2, will want to learn on this in a few years. The smaller size will help him. I'd probably rather have the Little Martin size, which I believe is about 5 inches longer.
    2. Fret Space. If you want to capo at the 4th fret and up, you might have to change the way you play some chords to make all your fingers fit. The fret space gets pretty tight as you go up. If you play a lot with your capo that high, I recommend playing this in person to make sure it will still fit your needs. While this guitar makes some difficult chords a lot easier, it also makes some easier chords more difficult. Go Figure!!!

    You really can't go wrong with the JR2 if you're looking for a nice, inexpensive 3/4 scale guitar for a child. If you are an adult that is small to average size, you'll have fun hacking around on it as well. It would also be great for a traveling songwriter that always wants a guitar next to them wherever they go. I've played this more than my other guitars since I've owned it. It's just so much easier to carry around the house. Let me know if I can help with any other questions. Thanks!

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    1Poor quality, instrument unplayable after a couple of months. :( Amazon simply refuses to make amends...
    By stephen
    This guitar initially was perfect for my granddaughter, even her professional instructor thought it was a nice instrument. Fast forward a couple of months, the neck has developed a convex bow making it completely unplayable. I've taken it to a guitar technician for inspection and he declared it is unrepairable due to the neck bow, and it is a manufacturer defect.
    Amazon is usually good about returning defective items for me, but in this case the response was "out of warranty" and I'm just left with a worthless guitar that I paid $145 for.
    Shame on Amazon, I've done a lot of business with them and this is not acceptable to me or anyone that works hard for their money.
    I'm disappointed and understandably frustrated, and my granddaughter can't continue with her lessons..

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    5The Best Reasonable Option For Small-framed Players
    By Danimal
    I'm an active musician - so I try to buy the best musical instruments I can afford (within reason) for my boys. I worked at a local music shop for 3 years, and have played several 3/4 scale acoustics. For the value - the JR1 (some call it the FG Junior) is hands down, the best. The baby Martins have a cardboard tone (I believe some are even made of a composite material - yuck). Baby Taylor's sound very nice, but they're about 100+ bucks more, and they don't sound 100 dollars better. These sound great and play well for their size and price. I should mention that I'm a primarily a drummer, and taught lessons for a few years. My suggestion for parents wanting to get their kids started playing music - get them something NICE. It doesn't make sense to buy a "toy" guitar that sounds unmusical and will need replacing when it won't stay in tune (Pretty much anything from the MART stores) - there's no need to take money out of their college fund for a Taylor, either. Half my students quit playing the drums by 16. I'm pretty sure there are A LOT of $300 wall-hanger 3/4 scale guitars out there. If your child develops a true passion for playing, by all means invest in the next step up. I recommend the Seagull S6 if you're partial to inexpensive guitars made in North America, or if they're really getting good go for a solid top Martin, Taylor, or Gibson, etc. Shy away from often-times shiny, colorful guitars like Ibanez, Dean, and even Fender. They sound thin and boxy in person, and even thinner plugged in.

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