Fender FA-125S Acoustic Guitar Package
Fender FA-125S Acoustic Guitar Package
Manufacturer : Fender
Amazon Price : $199.99
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Product Description
The get up and go pack! You’ll have everything you need in this pack, including an electronic tuner, gig bag, picks, string winder and instruction booklet, so you can start playing now! The FA-125S is a small-body folk-style acoustic, but this beauty can roar when it wants to with the help of an all-solid rosewood bridge plate and unique Fender advanced scalloped bracing system. Great for beginners or the pro who’s looking for something compact to trek out into the wild!
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #75453 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Fender
  • Model: 950870021
  • Published on: 2010-11-14
  • Released on: 2010-11-14
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 20.00" h x 6.75" w x 44.00" l, 14.02 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Solid Spruce Top, Laminated Mahogany Back and Sides
  • Scalloped X Bracing
  • Chrome Die Cast Tuners
  • Rosewood Bridge with Compensated Saddle and chrome die cast tuning keys
  • Additional Features: White Dot Position Inlays, Simple Black/White Body Binding, Silkscreened Logo, White Plastic Nut and Saddle
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Five Stars
    By Rev0luti0n

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    5excellent guitar for children and adults
    By dreamer7777
    This guitar is full size but the body is smaller than the average guitar, making it very comfortable for my 11 year old daughter as well as for the adults that have played it.

    Not knowing much about guitars, I consulted two guitar experts, and both felt this guitar is a very good instrument, both as a starter guitar and for an advanced player. Both felt it is an excellent deal because the package includes all the basics.

    The front is made from one real wood piece, giving it a slightly richer sound than the laminate or other cheaper faces. This guitar has a nice feel to it, and much easier to play than the cheaper guitars you would buy at Target or Toys R Us. It is easier because the strings are closer to the wood, and it is easy to sand the bridge if you wanted them even closer. Also, the cheaper guitars do not stay tuned for five minutes of play. This Fender will stay tuned like any high quality guitar. Of course, you will probably need to tune it at the start of each practice like all guitars.

    Accessories that come in the package:
    The "instruction booklet" is the same book I had carefully picked out to use for my daughter's lessons, except the name says "The Fender Guitar Method" instead of "The Leonard Guitar Method." It was $13 at the guitar store, and a very good starter book. Though it is only 48 pages long, it shows how to read music as you learn to play the guitar. You learn just a couple of notes at a time, so it is easy: An F is your first finger, on the first string, on the first fret and at the same time you learn that in music, the F is the note on the top line of music.

    The digital turner is amazing. It tells you whether the note is sharp (string too tight) or flat (string too loose)or perfect--all with red or blue lights. Someone as tone deaf as I can tune the guitar.

    I expected the guitar strap to be a thin, cheap one, but it is well made, wide, and comfortable. It is basic, but works fine. I think it is canvas, and it is adjustable.

    The soft guitar case is decent and even has a zipper pocket to store the tuner, extra picks and extra strings, etc.

    This is a Steel String guitar. Guitars cannot play both steel or nylon strings, the neck of nylon guitars are not strong enough to support steel strings, and the neck of steel string guitars are too narrow for nylon strings. You need to first decide which stings you want to play. Most young people seem to like steel strings, because it has a slightly sharper sound, where as classical or spanish guitars are usually nylon strings. Some say nylon strings are a little easier on the fingers, others said you get used to whichever one you chose anyway so dont decide based on that.

    We chose this steel string guitar for two reasons: Steel string necks are narrower, making it much easier for my 11 year old daughter to hold than the nylon string guitars she tried. She almost picked a nylon yahmaha (the solid wood faced one is a good choice) but the neck just didn't fit in her hand well enough. She had to really stretch her fingers to reach all the strings. The second reason we chose this steel string guitar, is that the sound it makes is very smooth, more smooth than some other steel string guitars we've heard. It almost has that soft spanish guitar tone.

    We studied about ten guitars before chosing this one. We were leaning towards the Yamaha, not the cheapest or even the next step up, but about the third level up from the cheapest Yamaha (because it is made of better wood, and has some other subtle but important reasons why it is worth the extra $40.) But the shape, the compact size, and the sound of this Fender made us finally choose it. And we were not disappointed. It has been played every day since we bought it and it is hard to make it sound bad. It has such a lovely sound.

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    4Surprised me
    By Honest Mango
    I've played guitars for 30 years, and I have a ten year old son who "needed" a starter acoustic. He is the youngest of my 3 children, and we have several guitars around the house (20?), but he's sort of been forced to learn on other peoples' guitars. The one he spent the most time with was a "Baby Taylor" which I bought for his older sister some 15 years ago. It was a great starter guitar, but she pretty much destroyed it. ANYWAY, I was in a pawn shop today with my youngest and this guitar was hanging on the wall. It literally did not have a single scratch on it. The fit and finish were beautiful, and the factory strings were still on the guitar and as bright as any brand new set of strings. In short, this guitar had obviously never been played more than ten minutes. I wasn't expecting to buy a guitar today, but my kid played it, I played it, and it was an easy sell at $120 US all in. It is not a's a smaller body (although it's a full-sized guitar). It projects beautifully despite the smaller body, and when you're dealing with kids, smaller guitars are better. He is in love with it. The intonation and action were perfect on this guitar, so I sort of have to assume it came that way from the factory, because (again) this guitar was basically untouched when we bought it.

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