Optex RC-20U 3 Channel Receiver Chimebox w/ Relay
Optex RC-20U 3 Channel Receiver Chimebox w/ Relay
Manufacturer : Optex
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Product Description
Install the Optex RC-20U Wireless Chime to enhance your Optex Wireless 2000 and 1000 systems. This wireless chime alerts you of a perimeter breach with three different chime tones. You can even program certain groups of transmitters to respond to differen
Product Details
  • Brand: Optex
  • Model: RC-20U
  • Number of items: 1
  • Product Features
  • Accepts 9 transmitters and identifies each group of 3 with a different chime tone
  • Operates with 9VDC adapter (included)
  • Wall-mount or table-mount design
  • Form C relay for activating other devices (50V AC 1A max. or 24V DC 1A max.)
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    5I Think These Are The Best Ever
    By Eric
    Optex is the BEST motion detector/receiver combo EVER. I have a total of 21 of the receivers. I have many more transmitters than the number of receivers, since each receiver takes multiple transmitters. These are spread around the 2 floors of my home and the outside property. I have transmitters in my tool shed and my garage. Each of these broadcasts about 100' through the steel siding of the buildings, plus the steel siding of my home, and another 100' feet or so to our dining room where we keep the downstairs receivers. We have a dozen receivers in our bedroom alone. Each is set to different out buildings, plus the different downstairs rooms and rear and front doorways. We can tell the entrance and progression or any burglar or home invader(s). The transmitters can be set for a narrow beam or a fanned out beam. You can search and get the full manual for these at the Optex home site.

    Update Nov 8, 2015 -
    I forgot to mention that if you have a lot of trees, wild critters, etc. on your property, you cannot really place these outside. A whole lot things will trigger the motion sensor, including cloudy days with the clouds moving rather quickly, changing the amount of light on the sensor. It 's even possible for birds to set off the alarm. However, unlike almost all other systems, I have never had true "false alarm" with Optex. It has always been that a definite motion was found to have set off the sensors. Indoors these are the best. I have had one on a three foot high shelf in one of our rooms.. My labs and other mutts have never set this sensor off while it was set to the narrow beam. And labs are fairly large mutts. In addition to using the transmitter with the narrow beam sensor, the face of the detector can be swiveled up, down and to the right or left. I trust my family's life and property with these Optex transmitters and receivers.

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    5they really work great. We live at the end of the road ...
    By ct0218
    I have three of these now...they really work great. We live at the end of the road and back up to the National Forest. I have one receiver on the upper floor, one on the basement floor, and that allows us to hear it on the main floor as well as the other two. I have two of the transmitters set up in fake bird houses along the long drive and it picks up vehicles as well as large animals. Another transmitter is mounted covering the width of the rear of the house, and this alerts us to bears on the wrap-around porch. I have this receiver and a fourth transmitter covering the access road to my shop and boat, and this is at my sisters house a mile away. You can't go wrong with these!

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    5Great little device for home security
    By Edward
    put it by your driveway, back doors, near your car in the driveway and it will wake you up in the night to let you know something is moving around nearby. The batteries in the outdoor sensor last well over a year, though out all temps.

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