Ziko .010s Acoustic Guitar Strings Extra Light
Ziko .010s Acoustic Guitar Strings Extra Light
Manufacturer : Ziko
Amazon Price : $6.60
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Product Description
Ziko offers the highest performance guitar strings while keeping the price very reasonable. Bright tone and phosphor bronze finish allows long life and great, smooth action. High E .010, B .014, G .023, D .030, A .039 and low E .048. Excellent choice for acoustic-electric guitars as they deliver excellent magnetic output. Copper plated steel wire is precisely wound onto a round core. Precise intonation and unparalleled consistency, set after set.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2869 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Ziko
  • Product Features
  • Round Wound Guitar Strings
  • World famous for distinctive tone and smooth action
  • .010 thru .048 guage
  • Great, bright tone and long life
  • Extra light without giving up the strong bass tones you want
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    5Five Stars
    By Amazon Customer
    Great tone, price is unbeatable ... maybe the best guitar strings I've ever had. Will definitely buy again.

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    5I'm An Average Guitar Plinker...
    By Catfishy
    I wouldn't call myself an expert guitar player, or even a musician. However, I do like to dabble with the guitar. The acoustic that I have is rather old and I believe that the strings that were on it came with the guitar when it was new many many years ago. I have experience helping/learning how to change guitar strings with a friend. This is going to be the first time I've ever taken on the task by myself. The main factor that drew me to this product was that it is a complete set of strings for one guitar. I have found so many other products where you would have to buy each string individually. Like I said in the beginning of the review, I'm not an expert. I don't need an extra worry on my plate just to enjoy plinking on my guitar.
    I am very pleased with my purchase of these Ziko Guitar Strings, and would gladly encourage anyone looking for replacement acoustic guitar strings to consider this purchase.

    **WHAT I LOVE**

    ==Very Little String Memory==
    When I learned how to string a guitar several years ago, one thing that always seem to get in the way was that the strings kept trying to coil back up into the position that they were packaged in. I thought it was really cool when I opened the package of these Ziko Guitar Strings, and once I removed the sticker and untwisted the coil, most of the strings relaxed rather well. Now don't give me wrong, there was some curving. However, absolutely nothing like my previous experience.

    ==Very Easy to Work With==
    Because there is such a lack of memory on these Ziko Guitar Strings, they were very easy to work with. I found this to be very low and stress (mentally). I dare say this re-string task was almost pleasurable.

    I know, I know, there are tools that are specifically designed to get the initial tension on a guitar string. I'm not that fancy. What I thought was interesting about this product was that when I grabbed a hold of the end of the string with very rudimentary pliers to gain that initial tension before tightening, the strings seem to take very little damage to the part that was grabbed. That sort of impresses me. I think it displays the level of quality we are working with.


    When I do my reviews it is not often that I can say there's nothing that can be improved upon. These Ziko Guitar Strings are different from my other reviews. These Ziko Guitar Strings do exactly what I need them to do, and easily. I honestly can't find anything about this product that needs improvement. But, once again I am just an average guitar plinker. I am not a musician. So, if you're reading my review please keep that in mind.

    I received this product either at a discount or free in exchange for my unbiased review.

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    5Great Tone Great Feel
    By RSM
    I don't play guitar but two of my family members do. We actually have a house band and a studio above the garage. To get good quality sound you have to have a good set of strings. He recently got a new acoustic and it really needed the strings replaced soon. The set on it was cheap and didn't last long at all. He strung up the acoustic with the Ziko .010s and they sound pretty good. He said he likes them and thinks they will be a great set. Time will tell how long they will last. He doesn't play the acoustic daily like he does the electric but he plays it every week.

    The strings appear to be of good quality. Very good tone and smooth action. This is an extra light set that is .010 thru .048 guage. They are High E .010, B .014, G .023, D .030, A .039 and low E .048. He likes the lights but the high E has a tendency to break on the light set but so far these have held up well.

    Copper plated steel wire is precisely wound onto a round core. These should last a good couple of months where as he has two electric guitars that he plays more often. As far as I can tell this is a good set of strings. If they wear out quickly I will update this post.

    I received this product free or at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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