BASON LED Bias Lighting for 90 to 105 Inch TV Backlight Home Theater Decoration, 16 Color Options, 4 Dynamic Modes, Dimmable, Remote Control
BASON LED Bias Lighting for 90 to 105 Inch TV Backlight Home Theater Decoration, 16 Color Options, 4 Dynamic Modes, Dimmable, Remote Control
Manufacturer : BASON LIGHTING
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Product Description
- For 90" to 105" inches flat screen TV and computer moniter backlighting decoration.
- 16 static colors, 4 dynamic modes, dimmable, remote control.
- BASON brand self-adhesive tape with easily to tear design, which used for automobile logo, moistureproof, grease-proof and heat resisting.
- Easy to instal and super brightness, save up to 85% energy, 30000 hours Long lifespan.

- 2pcs 39-inch LED strips, 2pcs 78-inch LED strips, 180pcs RGB smd5050 leds in total, PU coating waterproof.
- IR remotel control, 8 meters remote control distance.

Package Incl.:
- 4pcs led strips
- 1 pc UL approved adapter
- 1 pc 24key remote
- Connectors, 4PIN needles

- 90 -100'' TV and monitors
- Shelf accent lighting
- kitchen led undercabinet light

Please plug the pins of the individual strips into the flexible extensions in the correct orientation (follow the arrow, the arrow pin should be to the pin marked +5V on the strip),Otherwise some strip lights will not be light up.
Some enthusiastic customers questioned: some folks mentioning that the strips are visible. Is there a reason you don't make these strips in black, since most tv's are in black?
-1, Visible or invisible?
Led strips will be concealed behind of the tv back, it is invisible if you mounted it in right way.
Folks compained because they did not fold the connecting cable, just rolled it up, then it is visible.

-2, Why no black led strip?
We've tried to produce led strips in black, but most black PCB of led strip are poor quality.
We won't produce poor quality black led strip, but we will keep looking and find better black PCB supplier.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #96777 in Lawn & Patio
  • Size: 90" to 105"
  • Model: U2M4AC112W-90
  • Product Features
  • - Can light up 4/4 side of 90 to 105 inches tv. Built-in remote control system makes it easy to use.
  • - Powered by socket via individual power adapter, can display 16 multi-color, 4 dynamic programas, dimmable, and remember the previous color setting.
  • - It comes with 2pcs 78-inch and 2pcs 39-inch pre-cut led strips, 1pcs remote control(battery included), 1pc UL approved power adapter, 3pcs 4-inch connectors.
  • - We Specially upgrade the BASON brand foam adhesive tape, which is used to stick auto logo. it's very sticky, moisture-proof, grease-proof and heat resisting.
  • - ATT: This one can not sync switch on/off with your TV, as it is not powered by TV usb, it is powered by socket. Please don't order it if you mind this, thank you.
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    5Great buy!
    By Virgel O
    Great easy to install product. The LED strip have a high quality feel to it and feels very durable. Had no problems installing it on my curved tv.

    The LED's are very bright, I like how the remote has a dim controller to adjust the brightness.

    Definitely would get another set. This will go great for kitchen up lightings.

    Thanks to the people on here who helped answered all my questions on here.

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    4Great system, appearence, and versitility. Good choice. Important installation Update from BASON!!
    By John P. Roberts
    I'm really quite pleased with this product. Were it not for a couple of aberations I would have given 5 stars without hesitation. First the PROS:
    The system was fairly sraightforward and was easy to apply to my flat screen (40" Samsung), taking approx. 30 minutes less were it not for the aforementioned abberations which i'll get to in the "cons". The power / remote sensor LED strip conviently plugs into the USB port of the TV, make sure to start with this strip for proper placement of the remote sensor (I went for line of sight for assured connection with the remote). Also, make sure when connecting the LED strips to line up the connection pins designated (Red,Blue,Green, Ground) exactly all the way through or the completed array won't light up. The lighting effect is bright and clear, with various choices as to color (16), adjustalbe (9 levels) of brightness, and dislplay mode ( 4 ). All in all an exceptional presentation of lighting effects, with a user friendly versatile remote.
    The LED strips came wound on a film style reel. Four strips two 30" two 18" including the power/remote strip and three connector strips (all male ends). Here is wherr the CON comes in, The LED strips should have all had Female connections at both ends. My set had the power strip with pins at the distal end meaning I could not use a connector strip to connect to the next LED strip. I connected the strip directly to the 30" strip which had dual female connections. A connector was used to connect the next 18" strip. For some reason the 18" strip Also had a male (pinned) connector at the distal end so I was again forced to connect to the last 30" LED strip directly which took some twisting and repositioning. I can only guess that I was issued incorrectly configured strips during the packaging process. The result wasn't very aesthetic but the system functioned flawlessly so all's well that ends so. Minus 1 star here for my inconvience.
    In summation: a great and fun lighting system, that I would reccomend and purchase again.
    Update: Received comment from Bason concerning the issue with male and female ends on the LED strips. It was in somewhat broken english but I'll do my best: it seems the strips are shipped with both male and female ends so that they can be connected on the shipping reel their packaged on. The four pins on the distal end of the strip can be pulled out to give a female connection at both ends thereby enabling the use of the male/male connector strips. This would have been useful information to have had, say oh, in the instruction manual. Bason said that customers had given 1 or 2 star reviews because of this issue and they planned to update the instructions over this omission. Good idea! Hope this is helpful info.

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    5So easy and so cool!
    By Guedo Fanony
    These were so easy to set up I couldn't believe it. Took me about 10 minutes to apply them to the back of the TV and then plug in the USB port and thats it! The color is great. It has adjustments for brightness and a ton of cool presets. Definitely would recommend this to improve your movie nights!! My daughter loves it too! She gets excited to choose the color for whatever movie we are watching. We used yellow for watching Minions the other day, which wasn't my first choice, but still, so fun!

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