Planet Waves 1/4 Inch Female Stereo Coupler
Planet Waves 1/4 Inch Female Stereo Coupler
Manufacturer : Planet Waves
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Product Description
Extends the length of 1/4" cables, speaker or instrument, stereo or mono. Connect this coupler between two cables to create a cable the sum of each cable's length.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #380 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Planet Waves
  • Model: PW-P047T
  • Published on: 2009-01-12
  • Released on: 2009-01-12
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.00" h x 8.25" w x 3.75" l, .15 pounds
  • Product Features
  • 1/4" female stereo adapter
  • Premium quality components for maximum power and signal transfer
  • Limited lifetime guarantee
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    5A well built TRS to TRS coupler...
    By Amazon Customer
    Bought for use with Rocksmith 2014

    This is a female TRS (Tip, Ring Sleeve) to female TRS. It is could be used as TS (Tip, Sleeve) to TS as the ring and sleeve will essentially be combined.

    As another reviewer mentioned, many new buyers are purchasing this for use with Rocksmith 2014 to attach to their male usb cable. I, myself, purchased my son (6-7) an acoustic guitar and bought AXL Acoustic Guitar Transducer Pickup from Amazon. The pickup uses a male connector so this is a nice solution to avoid drilling holes for jacks. It is probably useful for guitarists who need an extension and have a bunch of 1/4" male to male cables.

    The coupler is well built but don't expect anything too fancy. It's just a coupler. Buy with confidence.

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    5Good Stuff, Recommend
    By Cswami
    I bought this item to replace the Hosa version of the same adapter. This is way-way better than the Hosa version. First of all I found that it was a surprise to me that finding a female-to-female adapter for a 1/4 inch plug size would be so difficult. I would have thought that the idea of wanting to extend headphone cable-length would make a product like this more of a demanded item, but I guess not. Almost no electronic accessory manufacturer makes these things.

    The Hosa product would not securely keep the two male-plugs connected and even a slight jostle would cause one or the other phone plugs to pop out of the connector adapter. Soon after using the Hosa unit, it began to short out internally. Since it is a molded plastic unit, it is impossible to open it up to see what the problem is. I think possibly one aspect of the problem with the Hosa is that it attempts to be Stereo or Mono. This means that it must be ready to connect a 3-Connector male 1/4" plug or a 2-Connector 1/4" plug. This might explain why the Hosa unit shorted out internally and sometimes I would hear only one side of the Headphone, sometimes I would hear the Headphones as if there was a heavy echo-unit driving them and sometimes the Headphones would sound Mono.

    Planet Wave to the rescue. This Planet Wave unit is by far more sturdily built and strongly locks in both male-plugs together. So far there is no indication of shorting or any type of other odd connectivity undesirables.

    Would recommend to anyone needing to extend their Headphone cable length. Not sure about using this unit if you are extending shielded Audio from a TRS or XLR microphone cable. Of course the two connecting cable-ends need to be TRS, but I am not sure whether this adapter would contribute any radio-interference noise into the microphone line. Microphone lines should always be short anyway. As probably most know, the micro-voltages in an audio-input microphone line signals are microscopic compared to the voltages in Headphone output. So therefore Headphone output is not going to notice any radio-frequency interference.

    To be fair, Hosa products are usually pretty good (I own many other Hosa cables), but this particular 1/4" adapter is sadly substandard for them.

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    5Excellent adapters
    By Shooshie
    I'm not going to address the use of adapters here. We all know we need them, and we know when and how to use them, as well as when to avoid them and just get the real cable you need. The real problem with adapters is that most of them are so cheaply made. You've got to have a bucket of adapters, and maybe entire buckets of some types, so cost becomes an issue. But why have them at all if they are going to create more problems than they fix?

    Enter Planet Waves. This high-quality line of adapters has proven to me to be superior to my other adapters every time. The connecters slide in with a smooth but firm "click" like that of top quality patch bays. They are gold plated to avoid corrosion.

    I have a lot of adapters from Hosa, Radio Shack, and probably others; I can't identify them all. But since getting these, I always reach for them first. I will gradually replace my other brands with these, as long as I can find them, and I wish I'd started with Planet Waves adapters only.

    That said, if you've got the time to order adapters, consider addressing the real problem: short cables, or cables with the wrong connectors. It's always better to start with the right part. But nobody can anticipate every part for every situation. You've got to have adapters, and you need some of every possible configuration: XLR male to TRS female; XLR male to TRS male; XLR female to TRS female... etc. It's a big investment, so try not to have to buy them more than once. Get good ones the first time. I really think these are good adapters, worthy of that first purchase to last a lifetime. By the way, these have a lifetime guarantee. That alone says something about them. How many audio parts of this nature come with a lifetime guarantee?

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