Fender Champion 600 Tube Set, JJ Tubes (x1 6V6, x1 12AX7)
Fender Champion 600 Tube Set, JJ Tubes (x1 6V6, x1 12AX7)
Manufacturer : JJ Electronic
Amazon Price : $25.20
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #29695 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: JJ Electronic
  • Model: JJ -8276
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  • (1)T-12AX7-S-JJ
  • (1)T-6V6-S-JJ
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    5Installed easily. Sounds Great! Louder than Stock Tubes
    By Dan
    I purchased this 2 JJ tube set to replace the stock tubes in my Fender Champion 600. After reading numerous articles/reviews about the JJ Tubes, I was sold on JJ. I really liked the price and convenience of ordering these tubes as a set from AmplifiedParts on Amazon. SUPER FAST DELIVERY! I installed these tubes along with the Jensen Mod6-15watt 4ohm replacement speaker, also from AmplifiedParts. Since I installed the tubes and speaker at the same time I can't really say what percentage of the sound improvement was from the tubes vs. the speaker. Youtube has many nice videos of the amp sounds before and after the JJ tube install. All I know is I completed these upgrades in about 20 minutes with no other amp modifications needed.

    This was my first time changing tubes on an amp so I was a little intimidated but they were simple plug-n-play. It made a HUGE difference. The amp is much louder and cleaner with more depth than before. I know new speakers take time to break in so the sound from the Jensen Mod6 should improve even more over time. Overall, I highly recommend these tubes and Jensen Mod6 speaker for a quick, easy, and inexpensive improvement to the Fender Champion 600.

    INSTALL NOTE: Always wear gloves or use a dry & clean towel/rag to install/wipe-down amp tubes. Oils from your skin will cause uneven heating and premature failure of amp tubes.

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    5Get 'em -- they are worth it.
    By S. M. Baugh
    Get these tubes. No doubt, a worthwhile upgrade.

    I tried the stock Fender Champion 600 for some time but it did sound pretty muffled. Good, but quite muffled. So there are three very easy upgrades: 1) change the speaker grill cloth to something that allows air to pass through. The stock velour cloth is pretty bad. 2) Change out the speaker to the 6" Jensen 4 ohm MOD speaker (MOD6-15 4 OHM -- also sold here on Amazon). 3) Buy these inexpensive, high quality tubes and replace the tubes in the amp. (Do some reading on how to change tubes just in case you have not done it.)

    Play the thing unmodified and then after these three simple mods and you'll notice a very nice difference. With a Stratocaster, this amp either gives you crystal glass sound or quite loud over-driven fuzz with each note still articulate. Nice!

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    5not bad
    By suzie rottencrotch
    i got the champ 600 for use in the studio, i use a strat with texas specials. i did not do the speaker upgrade as of yet. all i can say about these tubes is that it was worth it to me. the sound isnt different per say but it increases the depth and feel of the tone. with the humbucker, it still has that freddie king like tone to it, as the stock ones, but much better on the ears and "cuts throught" cleaner. i did no mods on the amp, just stuck the tubes in and thats it. dont buy these expecting your amp to turn into a fender beast but rather as a nice fresh coat of paint on your tone... and for 30 bucks, im happy. but the speaker imo, is where you should put your cash first.

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