Evans REMAD Resonant Bass Drum Head, 22 Inch
Evans REMAD Resonant Bass Drum Head, 22 Inch
Manufacturer : Evans
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Product Description
With accentuated low-end response, the EMAD Resonant is a 7mil Black reso with a fixed internal control ring. It comes with two interchangeable foam rings that install in the 5" offset microphone port and allow the user to manipulate attack, tone, and sustain without the need for internal damping.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #5383 in Musical Instruments
  • Size: 22 Inch
  • Brand: Evans
  • Model: BD22REMAD
  • Published on: 2009-05-01
  • Released on: 2009-05-01
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 23.20" h x .91" w x 23.00" l, 1.97 pounds
  • Product Features
  • 22" resonant drum head made using a single ply 7.5mil film
  • The 4" offset mic port features a plastic sleeve focuses pitch and enhances the attach while providing protection for the port
  • The perfect resonant head for use with the EMAD series batter heads
  • All Evans drum heads are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • Customer Reviews

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    3love hate relationship
    By sticks101
    I have two kits, thus two kick drums. One is a 20" and the other is 22", I bought the heads at the same time.

    These guys sound unbelievable when first installed, really loved them. The 20" is used at clubs around 3 times a month on average. The 22" never leaves my home studio, I don't hit it as hard and I play it about 8 hours per week.

    At about 4 months, maybe 15 to 20 gigs, I noticed a small crack appearing in the plastic ring that holds the dampening ring. The next gig it cracked to the part of the ring that is glued to the head. The low end was still really good but now there was an annoying buzz being picked up by the kick mic because of the cracked part and that I can't live with. Personally I think that for $35 I should be able to play it more than 15 - 20 times. I don't even use this kick at rehearsal! The only time it's used is at a gig because I love the sound.

    The 22" seemed to be more durable but given that I do play it more often than the 20" but not as hard, the wear and tear in general is hard to tell. Not too long after installing the head (around 4 months) the same type of crack appeared as in the 22." I dealt with that for about 2 months because it was not a sound critical situation. And where it not for the annoying buzz that occurred because of the crack, I may have kept the head for a couple more months. However the outer ply broke all the way to the muffler ring, thus I had to replace the head.

    In the end, if you use your kick a lot and can afford to replace the head 2-4 times a year then I think it's a really excellent sound.

    If you need durability and a limited budget, then look for something else. I settled on the Aquarian II dual ply. It sounds really nice, not as good as the emad but it is very good and will last for a year.

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    1Stay away - sound good - durability horrible.
    By rr
    Having played drums for 50 years, I've experienced a wide array of heads from Evans, Remo, and Aquarian. I purchased the Emad 2 for my bass drum 90 days ago, and I noticed that one ply cracked and is now peeling. Keep in mind that I play only once a week and I use a felt beater - not wood or hard plastic. I've had heads that lasts years not 90 days ( and I just noticed it - it could've been this way for a while ). This should not have happened! My advice.......from an experienced drummer - "Stay with Remo or Aquarian". You don't want to have a problem at the gig.

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    5Killer Reso Head
    By Eric Oliver
    This head is killer. Fantastic tone, great snap, punch and tone. This head is very open and has a lot of resonance, giving lots of room to find the bass drum sound you want. I put a pillow in my kick, and have an EQ3 on the batter side and my bass drum is totally killer. Fantastic head for just about any style of music that requires a responsive head that can take anything thrown at it. The tuning & dampening possibilities with this resonant head are absolutely endless.

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