Cremona SV-130 Premier Novice Violin Outfit - 1/4 Size
Cremona SV-130 Premier Novice Violin Outfit - 1/4 Size
Manufacturer : Cremona
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Product Description
Saga has always been a pioneer when it comes to making quality violins to meet the demands of the growing student market. While focusing primarily on quality and value to meet a specific price point, the new SV-130 1/4 Cremona Premier Novice Series violin was developed. Whether the student is in the earliest stages of the learning process, or well on the way to more advanced training, these violins will perform well beyond the expectation.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #34339 in Musical Instruments
  • Size: 1/4
  • Color: Traditional Brown
  • Brand: Cremona
  • Model: SV-130 1/4
  • Published on: 2009-02-01
  • Released on: 2009-02-01
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 4.50" h x 8.25" w x 26.00" l, 2.60 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Cremona's top selling novice violin for more than 10 years; check out the new video
  • Every Cremona student violin comes with US-made Prelude strings; the educator's preferred strings for students
  • Properly fitted Swiss-style ebony pegs and quality lightweight composite tailpiece with 4 smooth fine tuners for easy tuning
  • Low profile Kaufman-style chinrest; oiled neck for better feel and well balanced bow for ease of playing
  • Correct string height and string spacing for accurate finger positioning and intonation
  • Ebony fittings; ebony fingerboard; hand carved solid spruce and solid maple body; lightweight construction means quality workmanship
  • To learn more about the fantastic features of this product; see Product Description below
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    3For The Money, It Is Okay
    By Jarold S. Williams
    An outstanding buy. I just got this violin today (it was delivered a day early!) My first impression is that it is STELLAR! It came with the bridge installed, which I did not expect. All I had to do was tune it up and go. The case is pretty good, the bow is quite usable, with good balance and an good feel. The rosin isn't the best, but I have some Kaplan on the way. The instrument itself is wonderful. It is lightweight and the finish is beautiful. The chin rest is low profile hardwood, so I am not looking to replace it. It is strung with D'Addario Preludes which I figure on keeping on it for a while. They took a long time to tune because they are steel, and therefore stretch quite a bit. The fine tuners work great, so when the strings settle in a bit, tuning gets easier. With the Preludes, the violin has an very clear and almost bright sound. For the $170 dollars I paid, this VASTLY exceeds my expectations. This one is a keeper. I can see using it for at least the next two to three years.

    I highly recommend this one.

    I noticed after playing that I got black dye on my fingers. After some research I found that this is common with a new fingerboard. (Even ebony which is not solid black BTW, has been dyed in most cases). But it could also be some other generic wood dyed black, so I thought I would contact the manufacturer (Saga Music) and ask if it is real ebony. I used the contact page on their website and got no response. I tried a second time (thinking I may have given them the wrong email address). Again no response. They apparently don't care about their customers, so if you buy this violin do not expect any communication with them.
    Downgrading to 4 star.

    *** UPDATE 2***
    As my playing progressed, I found that playing in third position was VERY difficult. I did some research on string height and measured the strings on this violin. The problem turned out to be that the strings were WAY too high. This will take a trip to a luthier and probably a new bridge if he cannot cut this one down. Downgrading to 3 star.

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    4Own A Great Student Violin At A "Rental Price"
    By B. Colonna
    Before going any further...this is a student violin. It is not made for professional use, just school classes, practice and school concerts. Some people review these comparing them to higher end products.

    Here is what I look for in a student violin:
    * The ability to tune the instrument and have it hold its tune.
    * Basic quality: it need not be a one piece back or have flaming on the finish. Just the appropriate woods and materials used to make the violin.
    * Price: I prefer to own my instruments as opposed to rent them, provided I can find something in the price range of a rental or not too much more, figuring I can probably resell the instrument when it is no longer needed.
    * Proper shop adjustment (Note: you will need to seat the bridge! Violins typically do not ship with their bridge in place).

    Why did I buy a Cremona? I have owned several student violins before, with this being my first Cremona purchase. My prior purchases were a `no name' brand which I believe may no longer be manufactured (were it, I'd still be buying that brand). My other violins are all full size (4/4), however, my youngest child needed a ¾ size. Again, I prefer to own as opposed to rent, so I went shopping locally and on-line. I looked at several brand names and found only a couple in this price range.

    Here is what's included with the Cremona SV-130:
    * ¾ violin with spruce top, maple back and sides, ebony tuning pegs, fingerboard and chin rest, and alloy tailpiece. The violin finish is slightly more brown and less orangey than most violins.
    * Bow made of Horsehair and Brazilwood and ebony frog (What's a frog? The little piece near where you hold the bow which is used to adjust the bow tension).
    * Lightweight violin case sized for a ¾ violin. It is black material on the outside and dark green velour on the inside. It has two bow holders, an inside compartment, and an outside zippered pocket.
    * Rosin.

    Here's what's good, bad, or otherwise worth noting about the Cremona Sv-130:
    It is a very nice violin for the price. It is of decent quality and arrived with the bridge securely packed and the tailpiece protected. There was appropriate tension on the strings. This is very important as you do not want the soundpost to fall during shipping.

    It was easy to tune and you should be able to put the bridge into place on your own, with a little reading on the internet. This is a 5 minute job, just note how the strings fit atop the bridge and where the bridge sits in relation to the f-holes and soundpost.

    The pegs fit well and do not slip out of tune, and the fingerboard and tailpiece are fine for this level of play.

    The strings are just OK and you may want to change them, but if this is for a novice child, they will be fine for a while.

    This bow is usable and the tension adjustment is fine, but again this is a student violin, so don't compare it to a high priced product. I found this bow took a good deal of priming with rosin. I attributed that to the Cremona rosin which isn't very good. I prepped the rosin by scratching it with sandpaper, but I ended up using rosin from my other violin. You must rosin a new violin bow! Otherwise you will get virtual silence when you try to run it across the strings. So be prepared to prime this bow 2 or 3 times the first couple of uses for several minutes each time, or get some decent rosin.

    The case is your typical beginner case, no interior cloth to wipe down the instrument, but otherwise the interior is fine, sculpted to a ¾ instrument and including a strap to secure the neck. The outside of the case does not lock, just zipper, but this is common for beginner violins. One thing to note, the outside pocket does not really have enough room to hold a violin book and folder. You can wedge them in but then cannot zipper it fully. Not sure if this is because the ¾ case is slightly smaller than a 4/4 case (which it is) or if they skimped on the pocket.

    That's about it - overall this is a decent, usable student violin - at probably half of what you would spend for something comparable from one of the other large student brand names, and about the same or less as one rental. Had the rosin been better, and the case pocket fit a basic violin book, I would have rated this product a 5.

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    3Excellent beginner violin! (Not really??)
    By Amazon Customer
    I bought this violin about 4 weeks ago and I am pleasantly surprised! I am a beginner learning Indian music on this violin and bought it based on my teacher's recommendation. For the price, it is an amazing starter instrument. The only complaint (if I may) I have is that it did not come with a rosin and I had to order one separately. You can get one for about 3 $. While playing the violin for the first time, I had no idea how it was supposed to sound. Once my teacher tuned it and played a small music piece, I was amazed. I am enjoying this violin for sure.

    As a side note, the sound bar has to be attached by someone who knows what they are doing. My teacher did this for me. I would highly recommend this violin for a stark beginner like me!

    Update on 11/30/2012: I have had this violin less than a year and the fine tuners don't work!! The fine tuners do not screw tight and keep moving and moving and moving! Not to mention that pegs are made of plastic and have caused issues too! I will have to take back 2 stars off my original rating and I would rather buy a violin at a physical store than from Amazon!

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