Warwick Corvette $$ 1584389005CPASHAWW 4 String Electric Bass - Natural Satin Finish
Warwick Corvette $$ 1584389005CPASHAWW 4 String Electric Bass - Natural Satin Finish
Manufacturer : Warwick
Amazon Price : $722.67
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Product Description
Warwick Corvette $$ 4 String Natural Satin Finish Electric Bass
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #185151 in Musical Instruments
  • Color: Natural satin finish
  • Brand: Warwick
  • Model: 1584389005CPASHAWW
  • Published on: 2011-09-15
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 18.11" h x 3.54" w x 46.46" l, 14.30 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Natural satin finish
  • 4 String
  • Pas/Pas - MEC MM
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    5Just great all around
    By J.
    Keep in mind, I'm no Victor Wooten, just a guy who likes to play for fun.

    Years ago I played a German-made Warwick in a music store, it was amazing...

    But at over $2,000 I couldn't see myself spending that much on a bass. I am a casual player, and just enjoy making some noise and blowing off some steam.

    I've always loved the look of the Warwick Corvette, and I heard some rumors about the Rock Bass series. After doing my internet research, 90% of the reviews said that this bass was too good to be true for the price.

    I feel the same way, I love everything about this bass. The action was nearly perfect right out of the box (every new stringed instrument needs a professional set up until you've had it done, you don't know what you're missing), the Warwick strings that came on the bass are awesome, and the sounds from both pick ups are great. It slaps and pops without effort, and while I was worried the double buck would get in the way of finger plucking, I've had no such issue.

    The coil taps on both humbuckers give you plenty of tonal options.

    I'm in with most of the internet reviewers out there, I have no idea how a bass this nice costs so little.

    I play guitar as well, and if you think Rock Bass is the Warwick equivalent of Epiphone, I will tell you the quality difference is more like comparing a Les Paul Studio (at an Epiphone price) to a Les Paul Standard.

    If you have any doubts about the quality, don't. If you're trying to step up from a starter bass to something more professional, but not at the price of a used car, this is your bass.

    Consider me a very satisfied bedroom player.

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    5outztanding bass
    By fernando
    This is a outstanding bass I have played all makes have owned pre cbs fenders vintage bases the is my vo to insterment elelent valu outstanding insterment.

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    1So dissapointing
    By roger2611
    This bass looks fantastic, plays beautifully, is really well put together and just sounds dire, the bass comes fitted with 250K volume controls which just suck every last ounce of tone out of the guitar, the german made equivalent comes with 500K pots (which, according to the technical sites out there, are designed to work with Humbucker pickups) I played the bass through a hugely expensive valve bass rig in the shop and yes it sounded fine but step into the realms of amps most people can afford and it will fall flat on its face, I have now swapped the volume pots for the correct spec ones and yes it has improved the tone a little, it's now gone from dreadful to what I would expect for a budget starter instrument....dissapointing, but that the issue here this is not a cheap starter bass, at £600+ this should be a main instrument for a lot of players, ok it may be at the budget end of the Warwick range but I don't think that is an excuse for producing such a tonally poor instrument, surely the guys at Warwick tested this and commented about the lack of tone yet still decided to sell it to the for mine I have lent it out to a number of bass players (in the hope of getting shot of it) who all love the look, the way it plays etc but always hand it back saying it just doesn't have a useable sound so I guess it will join the ever increasing numbers appearing on the auction sites!

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