Roland TD-1K Electronic Drumset
Roland TD-1K Electronic Drumset
Manufacturer : Roland
Amazon Price : $499.00
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Product Description
Roland's V-Drums are the world's most popular electronic drums for one reason: they're among the best. Blending superior sound, authentic feel, and rugged durability, each kit in the V-Drums lineup performs at the highest level, a testament to more than three decades of developing electronic drums. The compact TD-1K is no exception, delivering respected V-Drums quality in a space-saving kit that keeps up with you as your playing evolves.Ideal for everyone that wants to enjoy drums at home, the TD-1K offers a wide selection of expressive drum kits for playing any musical style, plus fun onboard training and recording functions for building your skills and checking your progress. And as a Roland TD-1K owner, you're not just starting an exciting musical journey- you're also joining the V-Drums family, a group of discerning players that includes the world's finest drummers and percussionists.15 Drum Kits for Playing Any Style of MusicAn acoustic drum kit needs to be set up to play a specific style of music, so you're stuck with one type of sound. But that's not the case with the TD-1K-it includes 15 quality drum kits on board, so you can play any kind of music you want at the touch of a button, from rock and blues to jazz, world music, EDM, and beyond. At one practice session, you can rock hard with a heavy bottom-end sound, then instantly change kits to recreate the sound of your favorite band. Every kit reacts just like the acoustic and electronic kits they emulate, giving you a huge range of variety in one compact, standalone instrument.Develop Authentic Techniques with Responsive Pads and CymbalsSome drummers avoid electronic drums; worried they won't play like their acoustic counterparts. There's no need for concern with the Roland TD-1K-it fully supports essential acoustic playing techniques, which is especially important for beginners to learn to play correctly. Every drum sound offers a wi
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #10984 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Roland
  • Model: TD-1K
  • Dimensions: 38.00" h x 38.00" w x 38.00" l, 26.01 pounds
  • Product Features
  • ConfigurationTom pad(s): 3Cymbal pad(s): 3Snare pad: 1Kickpad: noTotal pads: 7Country of origin: ChinaModuleDisplay type: LEDDrum kits: 15Sounds: 0Effects: Info not availableTrigger inputs: 10Line input: yesHeadphone jack: yesUSB: yesMP3: yesMIDI: yesTraining functions: yesClick: yesMemory: Info not availablePadsPad material: RubberHoop material: PlasticZones: SingleTom pad size: 7"Snare pad size: 7"HardwareRack material: PlasticHardware pieces: 3Kick pedal: yesThrone: no
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    5Great sounding, great playing, lightweight kit!
    By Giznary
    First let me say that, overall, this is an excellent drum-kit for someone learning to play drums. It is small. Can be quiet when needed. It has everything you need except a throne, sticks, and a way to hear the sounds (speakers or headphones are required).

    Why five stars? I think has a lot of pros and is nearly perfect given its size and price (and beats many kits that are much larger or more expensive)
    - The sound "samples" of the kits are amazingly accurate and "natural"
    - The samples seem to change depending on how I hit the drum, like a real kit!
    - The sounds sustain for a natural length of time, and fade out or stop abruptly when appropriate (more ways to say they sound completely natural as if from a real kit)
    - The pedals, pads, and cymbals feel very close to the real things (if not perfect), which is impressive for the size.
    - You can upgrade the kit with a better snare and kick pedal, as well as another cymbal (there's another wire anyway)
    - Easy to use controls with valuable practice modes, 15 great sounding kits, and halfway-decent accompanying music when you need to play to a song (you can also plug-in anything that uses a stereo-mini jack to play along)
    - MIDI connectivity

    - The options for positioning of the pads are quite limited
    - The wires (not visible in the picture) are all visible when the kit is together (one from each pad and pedal all the way back to the brain)
    - The pads are "pads." They are very nice gum pads to be sure, but not real heads or metal cymbals *(these pads feel better than other electronic kits I've played though, with the exception of mesh heads)*

    - No built in speakers. This is a con, because you need to provide your own to get any sound from the kit. This is also a pro, because you can get whatever you want and not have to deal with lugging around/paying for inferior "built-in" speakers.
    - Did not come with sticks. A con because a complete newbie would have to go get some to actually play. A pro because you should go pick sticks appropriate to your size/playing style (and likely already have them if you are buying a kit)
    - The "brain" is simplified from higher-end kits. This is a pro for folks who just want to play a great sounding kit (honestly, I can't say how great it sounds often enough). This is a con for anyone who is looking to do more complicated things, though the MIDI connectivity opens some doors to solve that.

    In my opinion the pros are all on the key important points and the cons are all less important (or can be solved with a more expensive kit/frame to mount to/software, etc.). In particular the con concerning "pads" is not even really fair, since I'm comparing them to either real drums or the nearly-real mesh heads. I'd say those are both more "real" feeling (especially the real ones amiright?); however, these are the best of the "gum" style pads I've used.

    I usually don't like to qualify things by cost in reviews, since the merits of a product should cover it. But for the price I feel I got an excellent practice kit. For this price I would expect a very poor real drum kit with no cymbals, hardware, pedals, etc. This kit has all of the basic pieces for a kit. It sounds great. It feels natural. It is not huge or heavy. I can play at night with headphones. Perfect for me and, while it is not professional looking, it certainly produces sounds that would sound professional (natural) at a gig.

    Hope that helps!

    Update, I still love this kit, but just noticed the price shot up to nearly double what I paid. Makes the "value for money" comments above seem a little off... Anyhow, do yourself a favor and look for this kit at the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (searching "MSRP Roland TD-1K" on google works).

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    5If your buying drums, buy these!
    By gil
    These drums are awesome! Can,t beat em for the price. I play them more than my acoustic drums. They even sound better than most acoustic drums, and you can play them in an apartment. Roland is the only way to go. Make sure you have a good pair of head phones, or an amp for them.

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    5Good basic kit
    By quinn
    If your learning to drum, or if you want something to keep up your practice, this is a great kit. Easy to hook up and with the right speakers or headphones, sounds great. If you have a crap amp, it will sound crappy. Invest in a good pair of over ear headphones or a 400 monitor and you should be good. Awsome kit though.

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