8.6 inch Black Bell Black Handle Cowbell with Stick Grip Handle Used for Cheering at Sporting Events - Cow Bell by Stewart Trading™
8.6 inch Black Bell Black Handle Cowbell with Stick Grip Handle Used for Cheering at Sporting Events - Cow Bell by Stewart Trading™
Manufacturer : Stewart Trading LLC
Amazon Price : $16.99
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Product Description
Need More Cowbell! Ideal for Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Utah, Washington, Colorado, Kansas, Alabama, Idaho, Minnesota, Michigan, Races and Marathons. Cowbell can also be used as Musical instrument. Cowbell SNL
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #44271 in Musical Instruments
  • Color: Black 8.6"
  • Brand: Stewart Trading LLC
  • Model: MUS267202
  • Dimensions: 2.10" h x 3.70" w x 8.40" l, .75 pounds
  • Product Features
  • LOUD Cowbell for cheering at sporting events. Heavy Duty and High Quality manufactured under strict specifications of Stewart Trading™. Cheer on your favorite athlete. Available in sizes 5.1", 6.1", 8.6", 9.6" and 11.2" which includes the handle. See size photo.
  • Comfortable grip handle with durable powder-coated finish. Has clapper ball, no drum stick required. Optional Team Color CowBelt™ Holster (ASIN: B00VXBXZ66) also available on Amazon.
  • Large flat area to decorate with marker pens or add a sticker from your favorite team. Ring for a KISS! Decorate with Bride & Groom's Name and Date
  • Use for Party Parade New Years Newyears Celebration Noise Noisemaker Ring Clapper Sporting Events Birthday Christmas Anniversary Chanukah
  • Use for Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Track, Sports, Volleyball, Tennis, Tail Gate, Cyclocross, Cycling, Marathon, Race. Perfect as a help bell for people who need to call for family or caregiver assistance after a stroke, major surgery or alert for elderly.
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    5Grandpa says it's loud
    By jronaldlee
    Holy cow, for as small as the 6.1 inch bell is, it is LOUD.

    I like sports and I run long distances. Whether spectating or getting my own hustle on, I have heard many a bovine's bell, and clutched my fair share, too. Here's where this bell (b)rings the competition down:

    1) It's comfortable. Most bells of this size have that tiny loop of metal at the top that you're supposed to hang onto. Look, you buy a cowbell, it's because you plan on ringing the darn thing. My last cowbell had the metal loop, and after less than half an hour of annoying everyone around me, I had to put it down because the edges were wearing into my hands. This little dynamo sports an amazing innovation, the comfort grip. Ring all you want, friends, because your hands are gonna feel GOOD.
    2) Why be one dimensional? Sure sound is good, but looks are important, too. I bought the blue bell, and it's so bright and shiny. Almost bright and shiny enough to match point three.
    3) It's LOUD. How loud? Let me put it this way. I'm including a link to ear protection in this review. Hearos Ear Plugs - Xtreme Protection Series, 14 pr That's a link for a multi-pack. Sure, sure, you're going to want a pair for yourself, but you'll want extras for the people around you less they threaten to do physical harm to you, or worse, your cowbell. The technology involved here is simple: Where most cowbells have a loop of coat hanger as their clapper, this has a ball of metal that rings loud and proud against the bell, and to serious effect, too.

    Last, be aware that in proportion to its sound, it is surprisingly small. The metal portion of the 6.1 inch bell is a mere 2.25 inches tall, and only 2.6 inches wide at its largest part. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Have I told you that this thing is loud enough to clear out a twenty foot radius of spectators? And probably more if you're in the nose bleeds? Don't worry! I don't care if you're so far away from the action that the players look like ants... they'll hear you, and it's still small enough that you can easily smuggle it past security.

    Have fun. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. You could literally hurt yourself with this bell. And with that, I am off to make an appointment to see if I've done any permanent damage to my hearing.

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    5Great for ill people to get help
    By Thumper
    We got this bell because it was cheaper and longer lasting than air cans for our mother who is bed ridden with great so far, bell is well made, but the first day or so the paint smell was off-putting---highly recommend as a gentler alert summoning 'noise' for anyone stuck in bed.

    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
    By Yolanda Hingel
    I'm a softball and volleyball Mom! LOVE THIS BELL ! ! ! I needed to upgrade to a louder bell because you always "Need More Cowbell"! My daughter even did a "Snappy Chat" about my new bigger bell! I'm so excited about the new season! GREAT Sound - excellent package and shipping! Thanks Stewart Trading LLC

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