Clearaudio Concept MM Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge
Clearaudio Concept MM Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge
Manufacturer : Clearaudio
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Product Description
More than just a pretty face, Clearaudio created an innovative aluminum-magnesium alloy body which has outstanding damping characteristics and none of the resonances of conventional materials. Coated with a layer of ceramic to eliminate high frequency vibration transfer, this also creates the Concept's anodized look. The Concept MM is a wonderful cartridge riding that fine balance between excellent detail and a smooth tonal balance, outstanding dynamic range and surprising subtlety. Frequency response: 22 Hz - 20 kHz Output voltage: (@ 1 kHz, 5 cm/s): ~ 3.6 mV Channel separation: (@ 1 kHz): > 20 dB Channel balance: (@ 1 kHz): < 1 dB Trackability: > 80 µm Recommended tracking force: 2.0 - 2.5 g, optimal: 2.2 g Coil impedance: (@ 1 kHz): 0.66 kOhm Coil inductivity: 0.42 H Loading impedance: 47 kW Loading capacity: 100 pF Cantilever: Aluminium Weight: 10.0 g
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #17818 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Clearaudio
  • Model: Concept MM
  • Product Features
  • It was back in 1978 that Clearaudio first manufactured moving coil cartridges. This vast experience has been a significant benefit to our range of moving magnet cartridges. We have made massive improvements in areas such as mass-reduction, the profile, polish and finish of the stylus and in the damping of the cantilever.
  • Strict attention to construction methods along with extensive quality controls and hand-selection processes form part of the procedure for this stunning quality. We can assure you of flawless quality in all areas to guarantee exceptional linearity and trackability.
  • The Clearaudio MM Concept is available in a body-material of Aluminium.
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    5Great Cart!!!
    By rolls
    I replaced my Ortofon 2M Red with this outstanding cartidge. I mounted this cart to a Project Debut Carbon, and sounds absolutely awesome now that it's broke in. For the price, I doubt it's possible to find a better cartridge. My past cartridges have been the 2M Red, an Audiotechnica 95e, a Shure M97xe, and a Sumiko Pearl. The Pearl is probably the most overrated of the aforementioned carts. I suggest using the ClearAudio recommend mech pencil lead method when aligning the cartridge. It helps to avoid optical bias errors.

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    5Excellent cartridge!
    By Christopher A Lopez
    Excellent cartridge!...Especially for the price. This replaced my Ortofon 2m Red on my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC which I was pretty happy with. Read that the Concept V2 MM was a better fit and it is. It's much quieter and detailed. Very noticeable difference in overall sound quality. I have about 15 hours break-in time and looking forward to the maximum potential of this cart, however I can't imagine how much better it can possibly get. I heard it takes 50 hrs to fully break-in.

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    5A real giant killer!
    By Doug Bowker
    This cartridge replaced a Grado wood body that cost twice what the Clearaudio did, and I am amazed at the quality and sound right out of the box. Setup was about a tricky as any high-end cartridge, but not overly so. Sound is strong, precise with no grain or harshness. Smooth where it should be but not rounding over transients. Good depth of sound-stage; in it's first day or so more forward than deep, but I have a feeling that's just needing more break-in time.

    Being played on a Well-Tempered Classic TT and arm, through a Grado PH-1 phono amp, then into a Krell KAV integrated amp and out from Pro-AC Response 2.5 speakers.

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