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This marvelous Moz silver plated flute is perfect for serious student to Professionals. It is a Lovely engraved mouthpiece and foot joint flute features easy-playing and good sounding, the key assembled and adjusted for a comfortable touch and perfect balance. The famous Italian Pisoni pads will make sure it works even smoother with player and extend longer life. The whole design for Moz flute can provide flutist clean attack, accurate intonation, and sensitive response. Why pay more to rent a used flute when you can pay less to own a teacher approved high-quality brand new one! Moz flute always offer our flutists better value and enjoyment. Each instrument will be double inspected by our experienced band masters before we ship it out. We work hard to serve every student a quality instrument at affordable price.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #53720 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Moz
  • Dimensions: 5.00" h x 3.00" w x 18.00" l,
  • Product Features
  • Silver Plated Head joint, Body, Keys, and Foot
  • Engraved Mouthpiece and Foot Joint
  • Open Holes 17 Keys; Key of C, Offset G with Split E
  • Famous Italian Pisoni pads, French Style Keys (Pointed Arms)
  • Joint Grease,Cleaning Rod, Screw Driver, Polishing Cloth, A Pair of White Gloves, $100 Value Wood Case & Canvas Bag,1 Year Warranty
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    By Amazon Customer
    I've played flute for 10 years, so I daresay I know my way around one, and overall this flute wasn't bad, especially for the price. But there are some disadvantages to that price.
    This flute is somewhat difficult to tune and keep in tune. It runs a bit flat mid-range, really flat low-range, and really sharp high-range which is somewhat expected, but with a little manipulation of the headjoint, (rolling is better than pulling out*) it's manageable; however f#6 is exceptionally sharp, so rolling in is an absolute must especially if you play all open.
    The keys themselves need a full scale adjustment so you can get the full range with a nice hearty sound as the keys are a bit too tight and some are too loose, leaving some unable to close properly and thereby giving you an airy sound or the inability to produce a note.
    One the topic of airy notes, the plugs they provide produce a very airy tone, so if you prefer plugs, partial or full, or beginning on open holes, I suggest you get better ones. Personally I'd recommend some by Yamaha, preferably the ones with a lip, they are trickier to take out but the other variety easily fall out and leak air, at least in my experience.
    And last but not least, the supplies and case. The cleaning supplies are somewhat frustrating. Ths rod is really far too big to clean your instrument with, especially with the given cloth, so you run the risk of it getting stuck, which is potentially disastrous. The screw driver is perfect for the aforementioned adjustments, and the gloves, well I don't really use them unless I just oiled and cleaned, so they're nice for keeping prints off, if your looking to play with them.. well it's not ideal, but certainly doable (so long as the plugs are in) As for the case, I personally love it. It's gorgeous, the outer case had a neat little pocket area which holds literally everything plus a bulky tuner, extra cloths, and some key paper. It's very spacious, and the shoulder strap is especially nifty if you have a giant music folder, stand etc to lug around with you. This case does require more vacuuming than usual, and the fur lining of the outer case tends to catch in the zipper a bit, but overall it's pretty great.
    As for a time frame, well this is year two of this flute and I haven't had any major problems, and this is from a college/former high school musician, who spends an inumerable amount of time at rehearsals and concerts, and this flute has spent those countless hours of rehearsal with me and after having a spit clearing every so often, it plays rather beautifully, provided you keep an ear out for tone.
    But, honestly, it is not the instrument itself that makes the music it's the musician, and for an experienced flutist looking to further their skill with an intermediate style instrument, this is ideal for the price. As for beginners, ai wouldn't start hear because of the tuning issues, and the open holes.
    ***As a side note, I preferably keep this as my practice/marching band /parade band flute (if not a picc) but it is usable in a concert setting (orchestra's not easy though) so it could definitely work as a primary.
    Carry on Shoppers.

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    5we are very happy with this flure
    By Lynn flynn
    i accidently asked for a was return for another flute. we are very happy with this flure...

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    2Two Stars
    By Sandra Coomer
    Part of the flute didn't work. Wasn't sure how to take care of it.

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