Kala MK-SS/BLU Makala Shark Soprano Ukulele (Blue)
Kala MK-SS/BLU Makala Shark Soprano Ukulele (Blue)
Manufacturer : Kala
Amazon Price : $46.99
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Avg. Customer Rating:4.5 of 5.0
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Product Description
The Kala Makala Shark Soprano Ukulele is a fun way to get started playing the ukulele. The Agathis top comes in a variety of tropical colors that will turn heads and start many conversations. The Kala Makala Shark features a soprano scale mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard and 12 brass frets. This eye-catching uke also features geared tuners, along with a distinctive custom shark-shaped bridge pattern. The back and sides of the instrument match the top. The Makala Shark captures all that is fun about the ukulele. These colorful ukes incorporate art, culture and humor into their design.These ukuleles from Kala are some of the best entry level instruments on the market. Sound and playability usually suffer at these affordable prices but not with Makala. These ukes have a fantastic sound, great looks and are easy on the wallet. A Makala nylon carry bag is also included.Order your Kala Ukadelic Reggae Colors Tenor Ukulele from Sam Ash Direct today with the security of our 45/60 day return/price protection policy, and be sure to take advantage of our fast, free shipping.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1905 in Musical Instruments
  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Kala
  • Model: KA MK SS BLU
  • Dimensions: 8.66" h x 22.83" w x 22.44" l, 3.00 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Agathis top, available in 7 different eye-catching finishes
  • Soprano scale mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard
  • 12 Brass frets, geared tuners
  • Custom shark-shaped bridge
  • Makala nylon carry bag included
  • Customer Reviews

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    76 of 76 people found the following review helpful.
    5Has Aquila Strings
    By Amazon Customer
    I read the other reviews which said I should replace the strings with Aquila strings. When the ukulele arrived I was pleased to see that it already had Aquila strings. Perhaps this is a recent change. The color is great, too.

    I recommend ordering this item with the gift option because the first one I ordered shipped in its original box and arrived damaged. The second one was shipped in a bigger box to conceal the contents and arrived safely and undamaged.

    29 of 30 people found the following review helpful.
    4Nice little Uke for the money. Great news comes with Aquila strings installed now. Not the black ones show in the photo.
    By B. Hanna
    As the title says so far its a nice little Uke for the money. The great news it comes with Aquila strings installed now. Not the black ones show in the photo. See the attached photos showing white Aquila strings installed and the card that came with the uke stating they were installed. I wish I would have read the reviews saying it had the strings as I ordered a set. Not a problem as we have more than one uke that we use these strings on. It also comes with a very thin bag that is only good for protecting it from dust. I would not use this to travel with even for a child to lessons. My daughter plays a Kala KA-15S made by the same company that is all wood. This uke since its plastic is much heavier but still has a nice sound so far. The blue color is nice and the paint is consistent on the whole instrument. My daughter really likes the color. We bought it for our youngest son to use. He thought the color was awesome and the shark was killer! I will add an update after its adjusted to the house and the strings have stretched.

    24 of 25 people found the following review helpful.
    By CaliGoesShopping
    *Update 4.12.16*
    Well, it's nearly a year since I first started practicing (on and off! YIKES!) and I still love this Shark NKA "Bacon."
    It took a week or 2 for this uke to keep it's tune, but now, I can go several weeks without playing her and she'll still be - for the most part - in tune. At the most, a slight turn of a tuner or 2.
    I read a couple reviews here that say it's wood. IT IS NOT WOOD. The fretboard is... maybe the neck. but the body is a resin/plastic mold. Which would explain why the sound is so bright. Now that I have something to compare it to (my Lanikai named King) I've come across some distinguishing factors. For one - the sound.
    Like i said, it's very "Bright" sounding, if you will. It projects sound very well.
    The strings are awesome to me - then again, both my ukes have aquila strings and I'm happy with that.
    It comes in all kinds of colors. I love that they have fun colors and designs
    Quality, not just affordability - I did research on price points and quality before I chose this uke. Being that I was starting on a whim, I didn't want to fork over a whole lot of money on a ukulele that in a month or so may lose interest in. I am still pleasantly surprised at the quality of this uke. I'm sure a very seasoned ukeleleist (if there is such a word) may disagree, but as an adult beginner, this was the best purchase I believe I made. I've since moved on from this uke, but time and again, I come back to it. Especially when I'm learning a new song that's litter harder for me to work with. It just seems that I can play around a tune easier on Bacon.

    Anyhow, After almost a year later, I still highly recommend this and believe this is a great quality uke to start off with. You won't have to spring for new strings as it comes with Aquila ones. Just remember, as with any new instrument, it takes some time to break it in and mold to how you play it.

    I've been practicing the uke off and on now for about a month. I'd say within a few days of constantly tuning it, It pretty much has stayed in tune. I only have to make slight adjustments every so often. To me the sound is amazing, but I don't have a comparison for it. It doesn't feel cheap "plastic-y." Definitely a great starter uke for all.

    So far this is JUST based on first impressions. I can't actually try it out until I get home... BUT - it's got a beautiful sound - deep and wide - not toy, like. The strings are white Aquila strings so I didn't have to purchase any to swap out. :) The uke's green color is quite deeper than the "sea foam" green it appears as online. This particular item comes with a dust jacket (same material as a LV purse dust jacket) I think people are assuming it comes with an actual nylon/polyester case and it's not.

    So far so good. I'll update this as soon as I get home to try it out!

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