Vestax VCI-380 Professional 2-Channel Serato DJ MIDI Controller with Built-In Digital Mixer
Vestax VCI-380 Professional 2-Channel Serato DJ MIDI Controller with Built-In Digital Mixer
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Product Description
The Vestax VCI 380 is a 2 channel DJ MIDI controller with a built in Digital DJ mixer. Powerful and creative, it opens the door to limitless possibilities of controllerism. Every feature of the VCI 380 is optimized to enhance the DJ's performance and take a new approach in manipulating music. Designed to work hand in hand with Serato, VCI 380 is bundled with ITCH, providing an arsenal of musical craft tools with perfect integrity, straight out of the box. The 2 x 8 banks of FSR trigger pads on the VCI 380 are jam packed with creative performance modes. With the given features you can trigger cue points, samples, loops, slice up beats, and shoot off Pad FX together. The jog wheels on the VCI 380 have an advanced structure and larger platters for extra stability and smoothness. The LED needle point embedded in the jog wheel provides excellent visual monitoring, indicating the deck's playback position. The torque of the jog wheels can be adjusted to your preference, and you can pitch bend the track by touching the sides of the jog wheels. The stand alone mixer function of the VCI 380 has great capacity for adaptability. The two hybrid channels are capable of mixing external devices such as CD players, turntables and MP3 players, together with tracks and samples from Serato ITCH. Each channel has an RCA Phono/Line input for limitless connection options, and the crossfader and input faders curve can be adjusted like any DJ mixer. Mixes with the input source can be tweaked with Trim and EQ, and the FX knobs on each channel function as Hi Pass filters to add an extra touch to your performance. The built in 24Bit/48kHz audio interface features BIT Perfect audio powered by a studio grade asynchronous USB streaming system. This advanced technology provides low latency, premium sound quality and outputs your mix at its true clarity. Some say seeing is believing. For the VCI 380, listening is believing.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #54924 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Vestax
  • Model: AMS-VCI-380
  • Published on: 2013-06-05
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 2.40" h x 16.80" w x 11.90" l, 7.70 pounds
  • Product Features
  • 2 Channels USB MIDI controller for Serato DJ (free upgrade via download)
  • Built-in 24Bit/48kHz audio interface
  • 2 x 8 Performance Pads with Velocity & Aftertouch
  • 5 performance modes (Hot Cue, Auto Loop, Slicer, Roll, Sampler)
  • 24Bit/48kHz audio interface delivers amazing sound
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    5Takes time to learn, but awesome if you're into, mixing sampling or beat making.
    By Iconpyro
    Complicated but so fun to use. No need for turntables these days just get one of these and you are set. It's a little but if a challenge to get it all setup, download the software, then figure out how you're going to set this up in your house/studio and then get your music library indexed and scanned. The setup of the software is easy, I had to grab an old receiver and some old speakers so that I have a mini setup. Next getting the music indexed takes a while. The software will index the music on how many cores you have in your laptop or computer. I am running the Serrato software which is included on a windows 7 desktop as I use this for fun (Win7 pro x64, core i3 - duo core with HT, 16gb ram and a huge external drive). It took a full 36 hours to index my .5TB of music. This way you can get the bpm of each song and classify them by using that.

    I grew up mixing on turntables and it was a little bit if a transition and learning all the quirks of the device. The sampling tools and buttons work great but they do take time to get used to. There are also some things missing like dragging the platter and scratching that take a while to get used to. Also if you intend to scratch, you should get the scratch crossfader that is a secondary purchase as the cross fader is a little hard to work with.

    I saved up a lot if amazon gift cards to get this and is was so worth it. It brings me back to the days of DJing. Price was great and shipping was right on time for ground shipping from the East Coast to the West Coast. It was cheaper by a significant amount when I went to check at Guitar Center and Sam Ash.

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    4Compatibility issues: An FYI "review"
    By Matthew D.
    Ok, first and foremost. AMD processors are NOT supported with the DJ Serato program it comes with. You can, however download ITCH software for free, but you will lose some feature that would've come with the newer Serato DJ. And by the by, Serato is replacing ITCH, so future ITCH updates are unlikely.

    Secondly, if you are using Ableton live. I am currently trying to get the program to take inputs from the 380, but its taking alot of extra work. It's not on the standard list of selectable midi and it wont recognize it as a useable controller. Even though it is a MIDI controller.

    Another, issue I have with it is that for personal home use the only sound output I can get is through the headset plug on the controller. So if you have, say, a tutorial in the background or want to chat with someone on skype while playing. It's annyoing.

    If you are really looking for a proper review (as you should be) Youtube controller reviews and make sure its what you are looking for. I simply wanted to write this "review" as a word of caution. Again, this is not a FULL review about the controller as a whole.

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    5I Sold My Pioneer 909 to buy this!!! WHOLE NEW WORLD!!!
    By Amazon Customer
    I am a LONG time club/mixtape DJ who has exclusively used TECH 1200's, first with my 10,000 strong vinyl collection, the with Final Scratch and now with Serato Scratch Live and Novation Dicers. This mixer/controller is THE FUTURE! I'm literally remixing tracks on the fly and I've worked the controller into my production (Ableton, Konatckt, Logic), MPC 1000, MPK 25) setup. IT IS THAT GOOD!

    TOO MANY PLUSES TO LIST but a selected few are....
    a) EVERYTHING about the pads at the top (Slicer, Hot Cue, Auto Loop, Roll)
    b) Booth Out
    c) Led's on the Jog Wheels (Not a proper replacement for Vinyl but just as good as CDJ's in my opinion)
    d) EASY NAVIGATION - very well laid out and not overly complicated. In the middle of rocking a club you don't want to have 40 buttons on your mixer, it's a recipe for disaster and more likely...EFFECT OVERUSE (NOT Cool)
    e) This controller uses SERATO ITCH so the crates, cue points and loops I have created with scratch live work seamlessly. The reverse is also true as any changes or additions I make in ITCH are reflected in Scratch Live.
    f) The controller is also a standalone mixer which means I now can use just the VCI-380 with my laptop for when I don't have the space or the energy to bring my turntables or if I want everything I put this between my TECH 1200's and route the whole thing thru my SL-1 box and voila, I've got a midi controller with effects on my mixer and I can rock out my preferred way.

    a) This uses a special version of ITCH, make sure you download 2.2.1 from Serato (I had some issues with drivers on my Macbook Pro at first but SERATO jumped right on it and worked it out for me)
    b) If you are a scratcher (like me) then you'll want to replace the fader with a Vestax CF-X2 (about $120)
    c) As of today 9/11/12 there are no cases I can find for this and I've contacted everyone and looked everywhere. if you're reading this a few months from now I'm sure this won't be an issue.

    BUY IT!!!! The versatility of this controller combined with its utility as a mixer is too good! It's literally what eery Dj has been waiting for for a long time.

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