TOPFUND® Chakra Tuned Set of 7 Colored Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls 8-12 Inch
TOPFUND® Chakra Tuned Set of 7 Colored Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls 8-12 Inch
Manufacturer : TOPFUND
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Product Description
TOPFUND Crystal Singing Bowls are manufactured from 99.9999% pure quartz crystal, and are the finest, pristine, crystal singing bowls. The crushed quartz is heated to at least 4000 degrees in the manufacturing. Then, they are tested to determine the musical note. Although the larger bowls have a deeper, lower octave, tone, it is not the size that determines the 'note' of the bowl. The bowls are associated with the musical scale, starting with C, then D, E, F, G, A, and B. These notes are in turn associated with the Seven Chakras of the Human System. Quartz produces pure tone. The cells of the human body have a natural geometrical relationship to the structure of quartz crystals. Being made up of crystalline structures, including our DNA, blood, bones, and the crystal-colloidal liquid of the brain, we align with crystal inherent structure. With crystal sound affecting the body and, in particular, the brain, the resonance relays an order that allows consciousness to travel into altered states of awareness. Quartz crystal singing bowls come in a variety of sizes and styles. Our frosted quartz bowls have a beautiful translucent white surface and tend to be both thicker and heavier than clear bowls. These bowls sing with a very relaxing sweet tone and great sustain. Our crystal clear bowls are completely transparent because they are produced with pure quartz crystals of the highest quality. These clear bowls are lighter than frosted bowls and sing with a more intense deep tone. We have sorted our products by both size and by the dominant note produced by the bowl. While larger bowls tend to produce notes from deeper octaves, all size categories contain a variety of possible notes and some notes are more common in certain size categories. We are constantly updating our inventory so please check our site for note and size availability.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #27604 in Musical Instruments
  • Size: 8"-12"
  • Color: color
  • Brand: TOPFUND
  • Model: TFS7C
  • Product Features
  • Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Set--Including highest quality pure quartz crystal singing bowl,a Rubber base ring for the bowl to sit on and a rubber mallet tool, materials on how to use the bowl, music sticker.
  • Brand New Top Quality Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, Excellent for Meditation and Healing. Our Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are made from over 99.9 percent pure quartz crystal, have amzazing, clear, deep, and rich vibrational resonance with the power to Heal!
  • Fast Domestic Shipping in USA, Fulfilled by Amazon, free shipping.
  • Professional Safe Packing. We Operate Crystal Singing Bowls for decades, we have professional packaging to ensure product safety, if damaged or lost in transit, we can replace for free.
  • Any damage or missing to the bowl in transit is guaranteed by us! You will truly fall in love with this incredible healing tool. Gorgeous in your home, glowing with light, this beautiful instrument is an asset to any environment!
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    5I Highly Recommend It
    By JSK
    This quartz crystal bowl has excellent resonance and is a great deal. At first, I didn't think the rubber mallet would be helpful but it does work. Later I purchased a quartz crystal filled and suede covered mallet for making the bowl sing. I like the sound with this instrument even more now that I have the new crystal filled mallet.

    I couldn't find a better deal for a bowl this big and with sound quality this good. You can use it right out of the box given that it comes with a rubber ring and mallet.

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    5Amazing sound
    By esmrealda
    This fragile item arrived intact and what a beautiful resonating sound it makes, hard to even put into words. This beats the metal singing bowls by far, well worth the cost.

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    5Easy to Play Crystal Singing Bowls
    By Kris Erickson
    The TOPFUND New Chakra Tuned Set of 7 Frosted singing bowls sing very easily and well. I did not know so many of them would be big (the 8 - 12 inch measure, I thought, would be more of the smaller bowls). If this set was not from overseas I would have returned it for the small set but as it is, I am using the bowls for energy sessions and enjoying them.

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