Ultrasone DJ 1 S-Logic Plus Surround Sound Professional Closed-backDJ Headphones with Transport Bag
Product Details
  • Color: Black/White
  • Brand: Ultrasone
  • Model: DJ1
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 8.00" h x 4.00" w x 4.00" l, .40 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Logic Natural Surround Sound^Dynamic principle^Frequency Range 10 - 22.000 Hz^Impedance 32 Ohm^Sound pressure level 104 dB
  • S-Logic(TM) Natural Surround Sound for a more natural, lifelike sound
  • Safer listening, less fatigue - SPL levels to the ear drum are decreased by up to 40% (3-4dB) for the same perceived loudness
  • ULE technology with MU Metal shielding to reduce radiation by up to 98% as compared to ordinary headphones
  • 50mm professional durable Mylar driver provides high volumes and superb isolation
  • 1/8 inch gold plated plug, gold plated screw adaptor, demo CD, and carry bag included
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    4Great Sound Quality... At A Price
    By foxtronaut
    The Ultrasone DJ1 is a great entry-level audiophile's headphone. Musical reproduction is accurate enough, although the phone sides on the warmer side compared to my cold, analytical Etymotics. This leads music to feel more fun (especially electronic/hip-hop), which is a tradeoff I felt worth taking over 100% clean reproduction. The real problem is the comfort, which I'll address below.

    Breaking it down:

    -Fun, high quality headphones at a good price.
    -S-Logic isn't groundbreaking, but listeners will notice a difference. It's a nice change to in-ear buds, or smaller soundscapes like the Audio Technia MTH-50s. For me, the most noticeable aspect of S-Logic is the bass, which seems to play on the "floor" of the soundscape. It packs a great thump without becoming overpowering.
    -Acceptable in all genres, and actually seems to modify the bass level depending on genre played.
    -Sturdy build quality.

    -They are pretty bulky, and don't look as sleek as some of the more "designer" headphones.
    -The top band is initially uncomfortable and must be stretched with textbooks for at least a week. Also the headband padding is too hard, it needs to be replaced with a softer foam. PLEASE take note of this, because it is a very divisive issue on buying these cans. If you can't stand the comfort, its really not worth it.

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    4Quality Headphones. Consider greatly for budgets under 150.
    By PKayy
    If you're looking for headphones around 100-150 dollars and looking to get the best deal like I was, this is the review for you.

    There are many aspects of this pair of headphones that make it stand out.

    Sound Quality: With an unique sound-stage, comparably different from other headphones such as Sennheisers, it's a quality of sound that I prefer over other headphones. These headphones are ideal for people who enjoy rock, hip hop, and electronic music. (I cannot attest for the others because there are many genres I have not heard on these headphones.) It has great bass, a perfect amount for your music listening needs (doesn't thump, not too murky). Bass and sound quality becomes more defined and clear as more hours are spent on the headphones. (You can just leave them playing for hours at a time -- This is called the burn in period.) These headphones require a large amount of burn-in time/use to improve sound quality.

    Sound Isolation/Leakage: I find that these headphones don't leak sound at all at reasonable/slightly high volumes. I don't listen to incredibly loud music so I'm not sure if it leaks sound. I haven't had a single complaint. (I would hope so, since it's a closed pair of headphones) A decent volume on the headphones drown out all sound around you, perfect for that office worker or that college student looking to listen to music while doing work.

    Size/Portability: These headphones are of a medium size, not incredibly large, but not very portable. If you're looking for portability, you probably have better options than the DJ1's. The DJ1's come with a little carrying bag with the Ultrasone logo. If you're looking to carry around the headphones, it's a decent accessory to have. The bag offers no protection unfortunately, (unlike the DJ1 Pro's, a step-up, that comes with a carrying case) so I'd be careful just in case.

    Style: They're a nice white color but for those of you who don't know, the DJ1's has a twin, the HFI-580. It is reportedly the same pair of headphones, except with a silver finish and with a straight cable. You have two good choices of style, same quality headphones, and I'm sure you'll like one or the other.

    Comfort: This is the biggest drawback of the headphones. The headphones are awkwardly padded with leather cushion on the top of the headphones. At first I found it painful to wear after about an hour or so. I may just have a big head but other people also report some comfort issues with the headphones. I find that after some use, the padding loosens up a bit to make it a bit more bearable. I can now wear it for about 3 hours non-stop before I take it off from some discomfort and sweaty ears. (Sweaty ears are pretty common for closed headphones.) If you're looking for headphones to wear for hours without end, look elsewhere because these are probably not the best choice. (Again, I'm not sure if people with smaller heads have a better time with comfort but these reviews are all based on personal experience.)

    Value: All in all, this is a great bang for your buck. The price apparently fluctuates (It was priced at 125 at the time of my purchase, and it is currently around 150 USD. If you can get a good deal on these headphones, it is definitely worth your time.

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    5Excellent Headphones
    By Crono
    The Ultrasone DJ1's popped up in my search for headphones that would suit my varied tastes in music; I listen to just about every genre, from rock to new age to rap/hip-hop to world music. I'm not a "basshead", but I do like a little thump to the beat-centric tracks I do listen to, so headphones with good bass reproduction was a factor in my search and purchase.

    I don't have an audiophile's vocabulary, so I'll just jump straight to the good and bad of the Ultrasone DJ1 bullet-point style:

    - Comfortable pads and size
    - Punchy bass, decent mids, and surprisingly good highs
    - Aesthetically well designed (though style doesn't really matter to me)
    - Solid build quality
    - Reasonable price

    - Not really bad, per se, just something to be aware of: the DJ1s don't produce a head shaking, blow-your-mind kind of bass - which isn't something I wanted when shopping for these headphones, but keep that in mind if you are the kind of person that needs a TON of bass, regardless of the mid/high frequencies. The bass is there, but it's punchy and precise, not overwhelming. Which is a plus for people with more varied tastes in music.

    Conclusion: Well-rounded headphones with exceptional (but not overwhelming) bass.

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