Pick Geek 16-Piece Guitar Picks, Bronze
Pick Geek 16-Piece Guitar Picks, Bronze
Manufacturer : Pick Geek
Amazon Price : $15.99
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Product Description
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Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #7313 in Musical Instruments
  • Color: Bronze
  • Brand: Pick Geek
  • Model: 4
  • Dimensions: .79" h x 2.24" w x 2.24" l,
  • Product Features
  • 18 Quality Assorted Guitar Picks, 8 Beautiful Color Designs
  • 5 Various Shapes & Thicknesses - Triangle, Shark-fin, Pentagon, Teardrop, & Steel
  • Presented in a Unique Luxury Metal 'Click-Clack' Box that fits easily into your pocket
  • FREE GIFT - A Stunning Natural Kraft Gift Box - a ready-made gift for family and friends
  • The Pick Jazz Pick Box set is backed with a Five Year, Free Replacement, No-hassle, Guarantee
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    5High Quality Picks with Convenient Container
    By Jordan Schaeffer
    These picks are great. They are a little bit pricey but there is a pick for every type of guitar player. I prefer thinner picks and there are multiple picks that suit my fancy. The colors are bright and vibrant. I wasn't sure how I felt about the face on the picks at first once they arrived and I saw it in person I really liked it. The face on the picks will start to wear out after heavy use.

    The carrying case fits well in my guitar bag and has a really cool opening mechanism. The one gripe I have with the container is that it is a little bit hard to open when there are a lot of picks in it (if you add more than it comes with). To open the container, you press in the middle of it until you hear a "pop" which lets you know that the lid is unfastened. To close it, place the lid back on the top and gently press on the edges. It should "pop" again and be locked in place.

    If you want a large selection of many different types of picks you can't really go wrong with these picks. The range of pick thicknesses are 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, and 1.2mm thick. The colors that I got are white, gray-blue, bright blue, purple, purple-blue, purple, red, and yellow.

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    5so after using Pick Geeks for the last year I can honestly say they're good and hold up to what I threw at them
    By Frank N. Stein
    Ok, so after using Pick Geeks for the last year I can honestly say they're good and hold up to what I threw at them. I compare them to Dunlops but with a bit more life in them. I play mostly punk and metal so I'm pretty rough on what I'm using and when using Dunlop picks I go with a .73mm, which gives me a little give and allows me to scratch my strings, giving them a little more crunch on the down strum. Suffice it to say, the Dunlops don't last for very long and tend to disintegrate after about 4 songs. I'm using D'Addario EXL130 Nickel Extra Super Light strings, which shred em pretty quick. I'm using the Pick Geek 0.8's now and they last about 8 to 10 songs before I gotta flip em over and use the opposite edge. I gotta go with what works and these last longer for me and what I play so they won me over. Thanks Pick Geeks (Antony Scott), I was doubtful but they hold up well! Will buy again!

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    35 stars for the tin but 2 stars for the picks
    By SP in MD
    I bought this for the tin. The picks are average. The 16 picks come in 4 thicknesses. What dropped my score is that the four picks of each thickness come in two different colors. Two of the heavy and two extra heavy are slightly different shades of blue and the other two heavy and two medium are slightly different shades of reddish pink. Also, the print is really tiny and shows the thickness in millimeters, not Thin, Medium, Heavy, and Extra Heavy (like just about every other pick brand). So If you want a certain thickness you either have to memorize the colors or read the fine print (which will wear off with use). So I replaced the Pick Geek picks with Fender Thin (Blue), Medium (Green), and Heavy (tortoise shell). Now I can quickly grab the pick I need without the reminder that I'm overdue for an eye exam. But the tin is really nice.

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