25Ft RCA M/Mx3 Audio/Video Cable Gold Plated - Audio Video RCA Cable 25ft
25Ft RCA M/Mx3 Audio/Video Cable Gold Plated - Audio Video RCA Cable 25ft
Manufacturer : iMBAPrice
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Product Description
25' 3-RCA Stereo Audio Video A/V AV Cable Gold PlatedRCA Stereo Audio/Video cables are excellent for connecting your VCR, DVD, HD-TV, and all other home theater audio/video equipment. These high performance gold contact cables are colored for easy installation and identification of video and left and right channels and are 100 percent shielded offering superb protection against EMI/RFI interference. 50 foot Gold RCA Audio/Video Cable - Stereo Connectors: 3 Male RCA to 3 Male RCAGold Contacts for high performance Shielded to prevent EMI/RFI interference Designed to connect RCA audio/video devices Low-Loss Fully Shielded RCA Dubbing Cables Applications include home theater, DSS receivers, S-Video VCRs, camcorders and DVD players 1 RG59-Video + 2-Shielded Audio Conductors 95% Spiral-Wound-Shield Audio Conductors Fully Molded Color-Coded Gold RCA Connectors What makes iMBAPrice stand out from every manufacturer is we offer service that is simply unbeatable. From Lifetime Warranty support to high quality cables. What makes our gold plated different from our vendors is these are legitimately gold plated into the product. Many vendors use cheap plastic and simply paint over it making it a different color which not only kills the product and create distortion its self but it also will cause it to rust and become useless over time. Not to mention the hard ware damage you are doing to the unit. While we offer this premium quality, we make sure our price point is affordable to support all of our end users. Think iMBA when shopping for the price!
Product Details
  • Size: 25 Feet
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: iMBAPrice
  • Model: OMEL-EZ-PN-6718794
  • Dimensions: 1.00" h x 5.00" w x 1.00" l, .50 pounds
  • Product Features
  • RCA Composite Video + 2-RCA Stereo Audio
  • RG59 Video plus Stereo Audio
  • Connectors: 3 x RCA Male to Male
  • 25 Feet length in Legitimate gold plated
  • iMBAPrice Lifetime Warranty
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Good quality working cable
    By meansvillemom
    This cable works well for my ancient Sanyo DVD/VCR combo. I was just going to order a Component cable for it but it seems that the component cable is DVD exclusive so I ordered this with it.
    The cable itself is insulated with PVC and is well made and well insulated.
    this gets a 5/5
    The actual connectors albeit well plated and have good feel are not very tight. What I mean by this is that the actual ground connector is kind of thin and is not very springy so it is a little loose. I used some small pliers to tighten them down right before connecting.
    this gets a 4/5 (it's higher than I would've rated only this cable was kind of inexpensive)

    All-in-all this is a good cable for the price and is of good quality in materials (FOR THE PRICE) and has a decent picture (for COMPOSITE video cable) and the audio doesn't have that feedback buzz some inexpensive cables have.

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    550 Feet of Awesomeness!
    By Kas: Mommy & Lab Tech
    50 feet of awesomeness! I organize a bi-weekly, free movie event for my local community. The theater we use is very old, outdated, antiquated, (insert another fitting get my drift). When I first took over this gig the Audio/Video cable was spliced, diced, and barely held together with electrical tape. I purchased this 50 ft cable because it allowed me enough length to run the cable from the DVD player, up through the ceiling, and down to the projector. I'm very happy with this cable and the seller. This product meets my expectations and I will purchase from this seller again for any future cable needs. I hope this review was helpful.

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
    1Bought in April, Dead by August
    By theyranos
    The 50ft version of this cable lasted a grand total of 4 months before the video channel lost connectivity. In that time it was installed in the ceiling of my basement, where it could not get stepped on, rolled over or otherwise moved, and where the temperature is relatively constant. The product description says "lifetime warranty" but the warranty claim site says "403 Forbidden" after one fills out the form and submits.

    Signal quality was never fabulous, even when new, but you can't expect much from composite video over these kinds of distances. I'll be trying C&E 50 feet Stereo/VCR RCA Cable, 2 RCA (Audio) and RCA RG59 Video next in the hopes that the coaxial video channel will last a bit longer and maybe give a better signal.

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