LED Waterproof Battery Powered Submersible Accent Night Mood Lights with IR Remotes For Party, Wedding, Garden, Swimming Pool, Vase, Fish Tank, Christmas, Festival Decoration Lighting
LED Waterproof Battery Powered Submersible Accent Night Mood Lights with IR Remotes For Party, Wedding, Garden, Swimming Pool, Vase, Fish Tank, Christmas, Festival Decoration Lighting
Manufacturer : QuickBird
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Product Description
Product Description:

1. Tighten the cap (clockwise rotation) until you cannot anymore before placing it under water. Water can erode light quickly if the cap is not at absolute tightest position.
2. The creative LED lights are made of high quality double waterproof materials, do not worry about water and could be used in liquid.
3. Continuous use time can be more than 24 hours, with a good battery

Do you need a glamour glow in water?
Are you craving splendor lighting accent and effect at your party?

The RGB submersible lights are battery operated, powered by 3 x AAA batteries(not included).
Controlled by an IR remote controller (signal range: 30ft), working with 1x CR2025 button cell batteries.
IR controller:
-16 different static colors, you can press color buttons directly to select single static color for the lights, such as White (W), Red (R), Green (G), Blue (B) and other mixed colors.
-Brightness: press Up or Down button to increase or reduce the brightness of static lighting.
-3 dynamic color changing modes, you can also use color changing mode and fading mode to make lights change color automatically.
-Party/Event Illumination (flower arrangement, table settings, ice sculptures, crystal vases, etc.)
-Holiday Accent Lighting (swimming pool, pond, ice bucket, fountain, waterfall, etc.)
-Home Accent Lighting (indicator light, night light, novelty light)
Wattage : 2 .4 watts
Dimension: 2.76in*1.5in
Light battery: 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
LED source: 10pcs SMD super bright LED chips
IR remote battery: CR2025 Button Cell batteries (include)
Package includes: 4pcs Submersible RGB LED lights + 2pcs 24-keys IR remotes
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #7562 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: QuickBird
  • Product Features
  • A great LED ambient light for Vase, party,wedding, holiday, fish tank, table etc decoration lighting.
  • Made of high quality waterproof materials; come with 10pcs SMD super bright LED chips. Color control modes: 16 different static modes, 4 dynamic color changing modes.
  • Quality guarantee.The submersible light with ten super bright LEDs, it will run from 10-12 hours on three AAA batteries, which not included It can be turned on or off by romote control, can make great party favors as well.
  • Reusable, submersible LED lights, are waterproof and wireless and are thus perfect for lighting up vases, bowls, or any water filled containers. -Can turn a boring bowl into a beautiful and exciting centerpiece, are often used for event design.
  • Submersible LED lights with remote control kit. Purple, blue, green etc 16 colors changing; Battery operated, reusable.
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    2One Leaked and Died, Another Won't Shut Off!!!!!!
    By Rena
    UPDATE 8/2: So, I am changing my review of these from four stars to two. I used them again for a party and they were in the water for a couple of hours. The light that had leaked previously, Leaker, has died. Completely. You can see that in the pics I have posted. There was a crack on the outside that is now much more noticeable. That was not from mishandling of dropping it! That crack wasn't visible the first time it leaked either. But regardless, it's now useless. And now, we have a second light acting up. This one will not shut off unless the batteries are removed. At first I thought it was maybe low batteries for some reason so I put fresh batteries in it. That just made the light brighter than the other two remaining lights. When I use the remote, the remaining lights will shut off and this one just dims slightly. When I turn them back on, this one is way brighter than the other two. It also doesn't follow the same pattern as the other two. I tried contacting the seller to ask for replacement lights back when the first one started acting up. They asked for proof so I tried to get it but I had already placed the first one in rice and then it wouldn't leak for me. I think the reason was that I wasn't leaving it in the water long enough. So after it leaked this time I took plenty of pics and a video. I emailed the seller and never got a response. Even after I provided them with their proof. Of course now I am one day past the 30 day window for a refund!!! So I am posting it here. My opinion of these lights has changed! Maybe I just got a couple of bad ones but honestly, I'm waiting for the other two to break now. I'm VERY disappointed!!!!! All of the pics are posted below. I can't post the video because I am on my phone but I will post it as soon as I have access to my PC.

    I mainly bought these because the lights in my pool have been 'out' to one degree or another for several years now. We keep meaning to call someone to fix it but since we know it's a job that will entail draining most of the pool and not just changing a couple of bulbs, we keep putting it off. Obviously. By we, I mean my husband. The pool is his domain. My solution was these pretty little lights that I could just throw in when the need arises!

    So, the first thing I noticed about these was their packaging. I thought it was well put together and professional. It does come with instructions which is a plus.

    The second thing I noticed about these is that they are super bright! Even under 10 feet of water. You can see that in one of my pics below. I love that these have a remote. It does work even when the lights are in the deep end which is awesome.

    The very first time I used these, one of them leaked. The only one that had been in the deep end. I thought that maybe the pressure had done it. I was SO disappointed!! I contacted the company and asked for a replacement or something and they wanted to see what I was talking about in a pic or vid. Well, I had already taken that one light and left it in rice overnight. Even though it leaked and took in about a tablespoon of water it was still working fine. So I waited until I used them again. I marked the 'leaker' and threw them all in the deep end of the pool. And waited. When I retrieved them I was surprised that none had leaked! Not even Leaker! Ok maybe it was a fluke. So I tried five more times and could never get it to leak again. Not any of them. I'm pretty convinced now that I must have screwed Leaker together wrong when I installed the batteries the first time. No clue. But if it ever does leak again I will document it. They do take on condensation after being in the pool and then being brought inside but it doesn't damage them. For long term storage I would probably recommend removing the batteries and storing them unscrewed. I think it's what I will do.

    Overall, I think these are some very cool lights and I love all of the different settings and colors I can get from them. I definitely would recommend these to my friends. Oh I guess I should note that due to his mishap, Leaker is a little behind his friends on certain rhythms and patterns. It's ok. We still love him.

    ***I purchased this item at a discount in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review. These words and opinions are 100% my own and I do not get paid. Nor do I change or remove negative reviews for sellers. [...] Thanks***

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    5Lots of hard play from the kids at our pool party and still working perfectly!
    By Kevin and Katie B.
    These pool lights are really neat. The remotes have 15 colors plus white (16 total). Some of the color variations are very subtle, but true to the remote display. Our kids are like that gorilla who used to throw the luggage around. . . if they can play with these for three nights straight without breaking, I can say they are sturdy lights. One of them got tossed on the concrete pool deck without any damage. They survived a pool party with 12 kids. The colors are bright and you can set them to change on their own. Our pool light went out about two years ago. We haven't had an extra $250 to get it replaced, PLUS it seems awfully expensive for a light. This is a wonderful alternative.

    The lights do not come with batteries (AAA) and I only had enough for three, but the forth light did work. The remote controls did have batteries. Both remote controls worked with all of the lights, and you can set the different lights to different colors, by keeping some of the lights "out of range" of the remote while setting. We had three of the lights going in the pool through rotating colors, but all of them were different at any given time. It was very groovy. The remote was able to change the light at 7 feet of depth in the pool. I don't believe the remotes are waterproof, and certainly didn't try it out.

    Just to give you an idea of the brightness, on the baby blue color, one of the lights illuminated a diameter of about 8 feet. Four of these will easily cover a standard family pool. Three were enough for our pool and one left over for the hot tub. I'm very happy with these lights. The photos show 4 of the different colors on three of the lights (the forth light does work but I didn't have enough batteries.) I received this product at a discount for my fair and honest review.

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    5They are waterproof and they seem to be built pretty ruggedly. The only thing I wish about these ...
    By allcavalry
    [[VIDEOID:c81aacddd5452506b692c284f8af9b44]]These lights are just what I was looking for to use in and around our Koi pone and up at camp for partys and walkway markers. The package comes with four of these light assemblies that are LED. The remotes that come along with the kit allow one to change not only the color and shade but also to make them slowly fade and flash. These are really neat and VERY bright when on full, no fade. They are waterproof and they seem to be built pretty ruggedly. The only thing I wish about these is that they floated which they do not. I am still giving five stars because they are great and it was not stated that they floated. I am still impressed with the variety of modes you have to choose from and the quality of the lights. They use triple A batteries which are not included and they are easily changed out. I may buy another set of these or two because they work great for party illumination and water gardens. I was offered these at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion and I would definitely buy them again. Great item, lots of fun to change around and durable.

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