Dean EAB Fretless Acoustic-Electric Bass Classic Black
Dean EAB Fretless Acoustic-Electric Bass Classic Black
Manufacturer : Dean
Amazon Price : $229.99
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Avg. Customer Rating:2.5 of 5.0
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Product Description
With its EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass, Dean has put together a topnotch fretless acoustic-electric bass guitar for an incredibly low price. It's just the right instrument if you're been wanting to add a fretless to your arsenal but have a tight budget. The EAB fretless bass has lines to mark fret positions which help you learn to place your fingers correctly. Its 34"-scale neck and large body deliver a deep, full unplugged tone and its preamp with EQ and built-in tuner lets you plug in and dial it up.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #181418 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Dean
  • Model: eab f cbk
  • Dimensions: 41.64 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Set neck, Lined fretless
  • Built-in preamp, tuner/EQ
  • 34" scale length
  • Die-cast tuners
  • Customer Reviews

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    4Works for me
    By Jim Zoetewey
    To put this in context, I'd describe myself as a beginning to intermediate bassist, but definitely a beginner at fretless.

    Aside from the tuning, the bass was playable on delivery. No scuffs. No damage. It needed a battery for the tuner/pickup, but that's par for the course I guess.

    From what I can tell, it's got a good tone, and stays in tune. I like that it's got lines on the fretboard, allowing me to see the right place to put my fingers.

    For better or for worse, it's a big bass. At any rate, it feels larger than my regular (electric and fretted) bass. The body is huge by comparison and the fretboard seems longer, but that may just be due to the body feeling bigger.

    Personally, I find it's more comfortable to play standing up than sitting--mostly because I've got to get my arm over the body of the bass.

    I'm strongly tempted to replace the roundwound strings it comes with with flatwound strings. We'll see whether this is a good decision.

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    1Bad Pickup and damage to body
    By buddhatheonlyone
    I thought I would be getting a new bass when ordering this, there were many scuffs on the head stock and a nicks on the neck. It was obviously the demo guitar or at one time was. The pick up would not fully pull the sound from the E and A stings, was able to fix some but there ares still sound issues, and the strings buzz like mad. I think musicians friend's do a decent job at getting thing out. But I was very disappointed by what I got

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    4Acoustic Fretless of Dean - Worth the Money?
    By Mr. BassMan
    I've owned this bass now for over two months, so you can feel confident with the review. The hype has died down, and so one, so nothing will be over-hyped in this review.
    I was very excited to see this bass arrive, and immediately noticed something that effected my playing style on the frets below the 5th frets on all four strings. It was especially bad on the E and the A. I also noticed a bit of tape painted on somehow on the side of the fretboard. I had not seen anything like it, but it truly does not matter, and you'll see why. The pickups did not come damaged as some may claim they had arrived in bad shape. They sound very high quality, actually. The pickups give off a nice warm acoustic sound with the wood used, and I really enjoy the sound this bass gives off. Very mellow and warm.
    This bass comes in Roundwounds, which does leave descent amount of board damage. The damage is immediate, and isn't as bad as some may think (if this is your first fretless.) The E string portion of the fretboard side has the worst and notable damage. The A has descent damage. The D and G portions are very low in damage. It does not effect tone, nor can you feel the grooves within the first 6 months of ware on the board. You'll enjoy your bass much shorter time with rounds, but they produce a descent sound.

    Some say the bass gives off a nice loud acoustic sound without being plugged into an amp. If you're like me and you jam with other guitarists (guitarists are always loud strummers) this makes it difficult for you to hear yourself and your parts come through a jam session without a plug or an amp. However, if you're like me in another sense, you'll enjoy doing solo bass jams. I refuse to use picks, so I'm not sure if using something like a pick helps the sound acoustically.

    Overall, the bass is GREAT. The string buzz can be fixed at the cost of a comfortable string feel. This bass has great tone, unplugged or plugged and is definitely worth the 200$.

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