Set of 4 Guitar Hangers Hook Holder Wall Mount Display - Fits all size Guitars, TopStage, w/Mounting Hardware
Set of 4 Guitar Hangers Hook Holder Wall Mount Display - Fits all size Guitars, TopStage, w/Mounting Hardware
Manufacturer : Top Stage
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Product Description
GUITAR HANGER - WALL DISPLAY Adjustable Width COLOR: BLACK - They can be directly screwed into walls to hang ANYWHERE! - Arms are adjustable in and out to fit ALL size necks and instruments, Will hold everything from VIOLIN to BASS GUITARS and all things in between! - Great for displaying your precious instrument! - Modern Style for a clean and orderly look! Design Protected by U.S Patent US D701,449S
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #746 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Top Stage
  • Model: GRAK-k4
  • Product Features
  • Set of 4 - Easy to Wall Mount
  • Fits all size Bass and Electric Guitars
  • Non-marring rubber coating protects the instrument
  • Flexible support arms hug the neck of any guitar for a secure fit.
  • Wall Screws Included, Free
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    2Not what they used to be, 2014 to 2016
    By Amazon Customer
    Warning! Do not use for anything more than 3 lbs. I purchased a set of these in 2014 and I've been happy with them. Now two years later I've bought a few more and wanted to hang them up to save some floor space. However upon opening the package of the new ones it looked similar enough, untill I flipped it around to see the inside of the plastic base. The plastic is THINNER in the middle. You know, the part that takes most of your guitars weight. So not being so eager to hang my $100s of dollars of guitars on these. I decided a test should be done. First I put up a start copy weighting 5.19 lbs and it held. I didn't really expect it to crumble under 5lbs. Then I added 9.2 lbs just to see if it can take a total of 14.5lbs (a Les Paul weights around 10lbs.) And sure enough as soon as I added the extra weight slowly I hear a crack and a crunch. I Take a look and the part that holds the neck is bent becuase of the thin plastic in the middle section just broke free. I did the same test to the old one and it survived and is still useable. I am really dissapointed that this company went to save $0.05 on each hanger by thinning out a critical part in these hangers. Sure they might work for the person who's hanging a ukelele but if your guitar has any real weight to it I would not trust these at all. Sure they might hold for awhile but as time goes on plastic can get brittle and with these things being fragile enough it might take a month or a few years to give out, and when they do let's just hope our guitars can handle a good 4ft drop.

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    5Guitars, Ukuleles, Swords - You Know, All The Things!
    By JFargo
    Exactly what I needed! The wall mounts were extremely inexpensive, are nothing super fancy because I just needed something to hold my stuff to the wall, not to look super expensive and fancy, and work perfectly well. I have three guitars, two of which are in my little "man cave" so that I can just grab and play when I feel like it, and one of which is hanging out of reach of my four-year-old because it has sentimental value that she'll eventually learn to stop trying to touch.

    The fourth one I used to hang the sword I bought my wife for her PhD gift when she got her Engineering PhD from Virginia Tech. (Seriously though: If you know someone getting a PhD, a sword is an awesome gift and you should do that.)

    The hanger hooks do what they say they should, look perfect, and I'll be buying more as we add more stringed instruments to the house. My daughter wants a ukulele, my wife's violin will need one when it's strung, and whatever else comes in that we want to learn. These will be our wall mounts of choice.

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    1Flimsy plastic - not strong enough to hold a valuable instrument securely
    By EspressoLover
    These used to be stronger but the ones I received this week are flimsy and not strong enough to hold a valuable instrument. Maybe a cheap uke. The back piece (the part that gets fastened to the wall) is very thin and fragile where the hangers swivel. Anything over about 3-4 pounds will cause the flimsy plastic to crack and the hangers will droop and drop your instrument on the floor.

    The drywall anchors are junk - the included screws are too short unless you are turning directly into an exposed 2x4 without any sheetrock. So unless you are using drywall anchors you will need longer screws to get through the sheetrock and into the stud behind.

    Even if these were strong enough to hold an electric guitar or bass, they do not have anything to keep the instrument from sliding off the end, The hooks do not curve upwards and the tendency is for them to droop because the bracket is plastic and flexes under weight (and will droop much more soon enough when the thin plastic cracks).

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